Two decades after becoming one of the first stock exchanges in Europe to facilitate the listing and trading of ETFs, the Swiss Stock Exchange has further strengthened its position as one of Europe’s top ETF trading venues. For its pioneering spirit and the central role it played in the success of Exchange Traded Funds in Europe, the Swiss Stock Exchange is proud to receive a special award given to deserving players in the ETF market from XENIX, an independent provider of qualitative ETF ratings. Click here for more information on the awards (available in German).

Danielle Reischuk, Senior ETFs & ETPs Sales Manager at the Swiss Stock Exchange, commented: “We are very pleased to see that our commitment to innovation and to the continuous improvement of ETF listing and trading is recognized by the market. We will keep on doing what we are best at, and continue to offer our issuers, trading participants and investors the best available environment for listing and trading ETFs.”

Committed to Continuous Improvement
Recognizing the potential ETFs have in Switzerland and being a key driver for innovation in the market, the Swiss Stock Exchange started early in the game to engage with FINMA, the country’s supervisory body, to lay the regulatory foundation for ETF listing and trading in Switzerland. Operational processes for ETF listings were put in place, investors were educated about the features of ETFs and investments in premium technology have been made in order to facilitate ETF trading.

Central to the Exchange’s success has been its relentless pursuit of innovation, frequent dialog with investors, trading participants, issuers and regulators. Electronic trading and settlement, introduced over 25 years ago at the Swiss Stock Exchange, made trading ETFs even easier.

A History of Success and Innovation
Over the past 20 years, the Swiss Stock Exchange has enlarged and diversified its product portfolio, developed new services and set new standards: Today, it is the leading regulated marketplace for products with crypto currencies as an underlying , currently featuring 101 products (66 structured products, 35 ETPs) from 7 issuers (see Crypto Products Report, February 2021). Discover more.

The latest figures on the growth of our ETF segment are shown in our Market Report. The 20-year history of ETFs and its recent developments can be explored here.