SIX Swiss Exchange is committed to cater to the needs of clients looking for low-latency solutions and operates the largest microwave network in Europe through 12H. As of 6 June 2022, the network features a connection between Frankfurt (Equinix FR2) and Bergamo (Aruba IT3), in response to the data center move of Euronext from London to Bergamo.

With this latest network expansion, clients of SIX Swiss Exchange benefit from the fastest possible transmission of market data from Zurich to London, Frankfurt and Milan, from Frankfurt to Bergamo and Milan as well as from London to Milan and – in cooperation with Nasdaq – to Stockholm.

With Microwave technology, price movements can be identified and investment decisions implemented as quickly as possible. As a result, risks can be managed more efficiently, spreads get tighter and liquidity is improved. SIX Swiss Exchange ensures that all participants benefit from fair and equal access to low-latency market data transmission.

A Testament to the Innovative Nature of SIX Swiss Exchange

Gregor Braun, Head of Sales Switzerland & Europe, comments: “At SIX Swiss Exchange, we have a long history of offering the most advanced technology within our unique market structure, creating the best possible trading conditions for our participants and strengthening our position as the reference market for Swiss equities.” Get in touch to obtain more information on the network and the new route.

SIX Swiss Exchange is convinced that building and operating low-latency networks is key to democratize low latency access to exchanges. By continuously investing in improving existing routes and aiming to enlarge its network, it makes markets more efficient for the benefit of all market participants.