In April 2023,  a very short month with only 18 trading days – 5 less than in March – SIX Swiss Exchange recorded less turnover and transactions than in the previous month, when the banking crisis in the U.S. and developments surrounding Credit Suisse had boosted volumes. Trading turnover reached CHF 77.5 bn with 3,453,072 trades in April – 38.6% and 38.0% less respectively than in March.

April saw the Swiss blue-chip index SMI gain 3%. YTD, this represents a 6.6% increase. The biggest gains so far this year were made by the SPI EXTRA with 11.3% and the Midcap index SMIM with 11%.

For further details and highlights – including new GDR listings, a new ETF issuer and a CONNEXOR milestone – have a look at the B1G Numbers video with André Buck, Global Head Sales & Relationship Management at SIX Swiss Exchange.

B1G Numbers: April 2023

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