CAT Financial Products AG's new product brings the total number of ETPs traded at SIX Swiss Exchange to 176 and the number of ETP issuers to 17. The launch of this new product brings the number of ETPs with an equity underlying to ten, while of the remaining 166 products, three fall into the fixed income asset class and six focus on precious metals, while the majority of 157 ETPs replicate crypto underlyings. CAT Financial Products is already the second ETP issuer at SIX Swiss Exchange to use its innovative collateralization solution Triparty Collateral Management (TCM). This minimizes issuer risk and offers additional protection in times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty. Three ETP issuers at SIX Swiss Exchange, including CAT Financial Products AG, offer actively managed ETPs. While passive ETPs replicate the prices and returns of underlying indices, cryptocurrencies or commodities, the composition of active ETPs is continuously optimized by a portfolio manager to respond to market trends.

By the end of August this year, the 175 ETPs at SIX Swiss Exchange had achieved a trading turnover of CHF 730 million and 46,500 trades. Trading turnover of active ETPs reached CHF 2.2 million and 230 trades in the first eight months of the current year.

Darren Marsh

We are pleased with the growing product offering on our platform.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange

"96 exchange participants from seven European countries are connected to the SIX Swiss Exchange order book and have access to trading ETPs. We are pleased with the growing product offering on our platform and welcome CAT Financial Products as a new ETP issuer and market maker on our exchange and wish them every success", said Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange.

“We are very proud to have launched our first ETP and to be one of the few ETP issuers to be an authorized investment firm and a direct member of SIX Swiss Exchange. Consequently, investors can place their trust in an issuer with seasoned expertise and a substantial track record. CAT FP's ETP issuance program allows asset managers to target new types of investors. This first ETP gives retail investors access to a strategy previously only available to institutional investors. Our mission is to provide all types of investors with cost-effective and easy access to new strategies, markets and themes”, says Giuliano Glocker, Co-CEO and Head Sales at CAT Financial Products.

Darren Marsh

Investors can place their trust in us, being an issuer with seasoned expertise and a substantial track record.

Giuliano Glocker, Co-CEO and Head Sales at CAT Financial Products

The new ETP uses the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index as underlying. This index is a well-diversified representation of Swiss quality stocks listed at SIX Swiss Exchange. The index was designed by Amasus and is based on the equity research of Obermatt AG. The selection and weighting of the 36 stocks is based on fixed rules. The quality of a stock is determined by the Obermatt "360° View", a rule-based stock analysis. Twelve times a year the portfolio of Amasus is updated and at least once a year a rebalancing takes place. CAT Financial Markets is the market maker for this product.

CAT Financial Products is one of the leading Swiss providers of investment solutions in the structured products market. CAT Financial Products has been offering its services to professional asset managers, banks and institutional investors since 2012, using one of the most innovative technologies. The company received its securities firm authorization from FINMA in 2023 and has since been additionally expanding its product, trading and service offerings to private investors. 

Amasus Investment AG is an independent, owner-managed asset manager authorized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) with its registered office in Zurich. Amasus offers asset management, physical precious metal custody, safe deposit box rental, execution-only and family office services.

Product Name Trading Currency ISIN Market Maker
Exchange Traded Product on Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index CHF CH1272476750 CAT Financial Products AG