Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Access to Products on Crypto Currencies and Single Commodities

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When it comes to maximizing passive investment strategies, the broad and diverse range of ETPs listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange offer a solution for various investor needs. ETPs have been traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 2010. A varied range of commodity ETPs is also offered.

As a pioneer of European ETP trading, the Swiss Stock Exchange is committed to continual innovation and market improvement. In November 2018, we became host to the world’s first ETP with crypto-currencies as underlying instruments, listed by Amun AG. Today, the Swiss Stock Exchange is the leading regulated marketplace for products with crypto currencies as underlyings. 

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

The Leading Regulated Exchange for Crypto ETPs

Crypto currencies are permitted as an underlying instrument for derivatives trading on the Swiss Stock Exchange. In 2018, SER (SIX Exchange Regulation), regulating and monitoring participants and issuers of the Swiss Stock Exchange, stated in circular nb. 3 that at the time of applying for provisional admission to trading, the cryptocurrency must be among the 15 largest cryptocurrencies, as measured by market capitalization in USD. The details on the following website will serve as a reference: CoinMarketCap

The Swiss Stock Exchange is the world’s leading regulated marketplace to trade products with crypto-currencies as underlyings. 2019 was a record year: turnover reached CHF 518.2 mn (+17% compared with 2018) with 19,636 transactions (+21% over 2018). As of end of July 2020, around 180 products are available, of which 22 are ETPs.  

Your Crypto Search is Over!

The Swiss Stock Exchange is at the forefront of innovation in crypto products and introduced a search function and overview for structured products.

About This Service

ETPs are secured, bearer debt securities that do not earn interest. They replicate the performance of an underlying asset on an unchanged or leveraged basis. These financial products are not investment funds and thus not governed by the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA), but rather exclusively by SER (SIX Exchange Regulation). In most cases, the collateral (securities or precious metals) is deposited with a third party. The underlying assets are usually single commodities, but may also be baskets, indices or other asset classes.

Our Product Universe

There are 31 ETPs on the exchange. The majority are UCITS products on single commodities such as industrial metals, cocoa, coffee, corn, cotton, grains, soybeans, sugar or wheat. By trading these products, investors get access to UCITS conform investment on single underlying.

Market Making

Liquidity in the market is underpinned by 6 specialist market makers that:

  • Provide bid/ask prices for minimum amounts
  • Avoid prices which exceed the maximum spread
  • Are present in the order book during official trading hours

These requirements vary according to the asset class and apply on a monthly basis. To ensure adherence, every trade is monitored.

The Most Important Statistics

The Swiss Stock Exchange makes a major contribution to transparency – not only by publishing all of the relevant trading information, including binding bid/offer prices and offered sizes, but also with additional statistics on listings, indices, turnover figures and details of the performance of the traded securities.


The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the official notices of listed companies on a daily basis.

To the Newsboard

The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the Crypto Products Report on a monthly basis as well as the yearly report once a year. The report provides detailed figures about the development of the crypto products as well as information on trading activity, trends and changes in this segment to investors, market participants and the interested public. All reports are available here.

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