That Accelleron ventured to go public in the turbulent stock market year of 2022, of all times, was courageous. The first few weeks were challenging for the stock market newcomer. At the time of its IPO on October 3, Accelleron reached a market capitalization of nearly CHF 1.7 billion. After a dip, the new shares have risen back above the opening price as of early 2023. The spin-off of the highly profitable division is part of ABB's new strategy to address global megatrends in electrification and automation. Thanks to its independence, Accelleron should now be able to grow with greater flexibility. Bischofberger is convinced: "As an independent company, we can seize the opportunities that arise in the market - also with the energy transition - much more agilely and quickly."

Through the spin-off, the medium-sized company with its 2300 employees (800 of them at the headquarters in Baden) now has easier access to further capital - also for acquisitions. Bischofberger talked to almost 200 investors in the course of the spin-off and explained the Accelleron strategy to them: "That was very well received." But he stresses, "Organic growth is important to us because we are very well positioned." The world leader in high-performance turbochargers for large engines has a 40 percent market share and annual sales of $750 million. "We have the turbochargers with the best efficiency and the largest service network." Of course, Bischofberger said, inorganic growth will also be considered: "But we will be very disciplined and selective in pursuing acquisitions."

The future looks very promising. As Accelleron continues on its journey as an independent company, it can also count on the support of SIX Swiss Exchange. The Issuer Relations team provides companies with expert advice on all issues relating to market information, data and regulatory provisions after the IPO. In addition, the Swiss stock e exchange offers the Stage Program, which helps companies increase their visibility in the market and among key stakeholders, as well as conferences that bring SMEs together with investors, continuing education workshops and e-learning solutions. For more information on all issuer related services, klick here

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