The Swiss Yearbook for Structured Products, published by the industry magazine payoff, provides interesting facts about the past and current development of the Swiss derivatives market as well as extensive statistics for the 15th time.

Every year, a ranking of the 30 most important people in the Swiss derivatives industry is also compiled, with a representative of the Swiss stock exchange being honored as the most important personality for the first time in 2024. 

Significant Recognition from the Industry and Professional Colleagues

André Buck was voted into first place by over 600 derivatives experts, asset managers and business journalists. The veteran of the Swiss structured products industry, who has been successfully working for the stock exchange since 2009, had achieved third place in each of the two previous years.

“I am very grateful to the community for this award. The award fills me with pride and motivation to continue driving innovation and progress together with our partners and market participants,” says André Buck, emphasizing the importance of putting the client at the center of our collaboration, understanding their needs, asking the right questions and adapting solutions accordingly. “This promotes trust, improves communication and ultimately leads to results that are beneficial for everyone involved.”

Darren Marsh

The award fills me with pride and motivation to continue driving innovation and progress together with our partners and market participants.

André Buck, Global Head Sales & Relationship Management

Architects of Success

The second stock exchange representative also rose in the rankings: Sébastien Neukom, Head Structured Products Sales, rose from 15th to 14th place. Responsible for the acquisition of new participants and product issuers as well as for the further development of trading platforms, Sébastien Neukom is also a jury member of the Swiss Derivative Awards and a member of the Swiss Structured Products Association's ‘Retail’ working group.

The exchange and its representatives have earned industry-wide recognition over the years. The exchange has repeatedly stimulated growth in the Swiss market for structured products, making it one of the largest in Europe. 

Further milestones were reached in 2023: with 102,504 new listings of structured products on SIX Swiss Exchange, the previous year's record of 95,207 product listings was exceeded by 7.7%. And in December 2023, investors had over 60,000 products to choose from – more than ever before. 

CONNEXOR – Reference Data Complexity Simply Solved

The Payoff Yearbook 2024 also includes an in-depth interview with Francesco Marcon Fiastri, Head Sales CONNEXOR, SIX Swiss Exchange. In it, he describes how the efficiency gains achieved in Switzerland with CONNEXOR – particularly in the structured products sector – will also be further disseminated in Asia and Europe. Read here (in German) 

By improving automation, standardization and connectivity, SIX enables financial institutions to focus on their core business while reducing operational risks and costs. The most recent example of CONNEXOR's successful expansion is the partnership between SIX and Clearstream announced in February 2024.

In 2023, CONNEXOR welcomed its 100th customer and was used to issue around 1.5 million new investment products from various asset classes.