SBI/ The Swiss Bond Index

SBI/ The Swiss Bond Index

The Indices for Switzerland’s Bond Market

Benchmarks for the CHF Capital Market

Swiss Bond Indices (SBI) track CHF-denominated, fixed-rate bonds listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. The SBI provides valuable insight into the Swiss capital market, including current interest rate levels and future yields, and the origin and credit-worthiness of borrowers. It also reflects overall capitalization as an indicator of how far the capital market is being tapped.

With strict acceptance criteria regarding issue volume and value, maturity, and composite rating, the SBI is the foremost bond index in Switzerland.

Secure Your Index Data Package

The SBI is the best way to gain insight and exposure to the Swiss capital markets. Learn about the different index data packages available to find the best way to incorporate the SBI into your investment strategy.

About the SBI

The SBI is a family of indices that reflect Switzerland’s diverse and active bond markets. Each has strict criteria for acceptance, with rules for volume, value, capitalization and term to maturity made clear and transparent to all our clients. In this section we have put together details of the SBI family and its sub-indices, as well as the SIX calculation method.

SBI Family and Sub-Indices

The SBI family consists of the overall “SBI Total” plus various sub-indices, which are divided into domestic and foreign segments. We have put together an infographic to illustrate the entire SBI index family with its sub-indices, rating categories and terms to maturity. Click on the image to enlarge.


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