• Seven companies completed listings
  • Trading turnover CHF 1,477.1 billion (+8.5% year-on-year)
  • Record trading turnover in ETFs of CHF 124.7 billion (+24.0%, year-on-year)
  • Swiss blue chip index SMI® at 10,616.9 points (+26.0% versus the end of 2018)

On the occasion of the completed 2019 stock market year, Jos Dijsselhof, CEO SIX, sums up, "We again welcomed several global players to our exchange in 2019. We had a total of seven company listings. At CHF 3.1 billion overall, the transaction volume was the fourth largest on a European exchange."

At CHF 4.2 billion, the market capitalization of the Stadler Rail initial public offering (IPO) was the largest at SIX and one of the largest in Europe. Other listings by Medacta, Alcon, Aluflexpack, SoftwareONE, Achiko Limited and Novavest Real Estate show that SIX provides access to an attractive capital market for international companies of various sizes from different sectors.

Additional capital of over CHF 71 billion was raised through bonds, highlighting the outstanding liquidity and considerable funding capacity offered by SIX. New listings in the ETF segment reached a total of 186 in 2019. This meant that 1,541 ETFs from 25 issuers were tradeable at the end of the year. The bonds segment saw 358 new listings (+15.1%), with a total of 42,401 in the structured products segment (+7.8%)

Increased Trading Activity
As far as trading activity is concerned, SIX is looking back on a year characterized by high levels of trading activity on the world’s financial markets and the EU’s decision on equivalence. Trading in Swiss shares was consolidated without any difficulty from July 2019 and the highly efficient infrastructure provided by SIX was able to process the additional volume smoothly.

Year-on-year, trading turnover on the Swiss Stock Exchange increased by +8.5%, reaching CHF 1,477.1 billion by the end of 2019. The number of trades rose as well, climbing by +6.1% to a total of 64,008,204 transactions.

The day with the highest trading turnover was 10 September 2019 with CHF 13.4 billion. Most trades on a single day were executed on 2 August 2019, with 458,940. As in the previous year, the security with the highest trading turnover on the Swiss Stock Exchange was NESTLE N at CHF 134.8 billion, while NOVARTIS N was the most traded security with 3,497,367 transactions.

Overview of the Individual Segments

In the equities segment (including funds & ETPs), trading turnover increased by +6.0% to CHF 1,174.9 billion. The number of trades in equities on the Swiss Stock Exchange rose as well, climbing +6.6% to 62,090,406. Trading turnover in ETFs rose by +24.0% to CHF 124.7 billion, reaching a new all-time high in 2019; the previous record stood at CHF 116.4 bn (2017). 1,040,183 trades were recorded (-2.3%). In terms of CHF bonds, trading turnover remained stable (+0.1%) and reached CHF 120.8 billion with 321,479 trades (-8.7%). Trading turnover in Non-CHF bonds saw a remarkable increase of +131.9% to reach CHF 39.0 billion, while the number of trades rose by +39.3% to 20,756. The turnover in structured products and warrants saw the third-highest growth rate, increasing by +18.0% to CHF 17.8 billion, with a total of 535,380 trades (-13.3%).

The performance of the leading equity indices in 2019 was as follows: the blue chip SMI® index stood at 10,616.9 points as at the end of December, an increase of +26.0% versus the end of 2018. On 27 December 2019, the SMI closed at a new all-time high of 10,755.7 points. At the end of the year, the SLI Swiss Leader Index® closed at 1,633.1 points (+26.0%) and the broader-based SPI® at 12,837.5 points (+30.6%). The leading bond index SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return reached 140.7 points (+3.1%). The highest increase was recorded by the SXI LIFE SCIENCES® TR which climbed +34.7% to 5,574.7 points.

New Standards Established
In 2019, Deal Pool established itself as the centralized, electronic platform for the issue of new bonds in Switzerland. Deal Pool was launched by SIX in collaboration with leading banks and used for the first time in December 2018. Currently, the platform is used by 21 syndicate banks and 761 institutional investors. In the last year, 223 bonds with a volume of CHF 49.0 billion were issued via Deal Pool, which equates to 98.7% of all issues in the Swiss primary market for bonds that can be replicated via Deal Pool. SwissAtMid, the liquidity pool for trading Swiss equities on the Swiss Stock Exchange without pre-trading transparency operated by SIX, has also consolidated its position.

Year 2019 Trading days 2019:
Trading days 2018:


Turnover in CHF million

Change versus 2018

Equities incl. Funds + ETPs*



Bonds CHF






Bonds non-CHF


Structured products and warrants






  Number of trades Change versus 2018

Equities incl. Funds + ETPs*



Bonds CHF






Bonds non-CHF

20'756 39.3%

Structured products and warrants

535'380 -13.3%





Number of newly listed products Change versus 2018

Bonds CHF



Structured products and warrants



*Contains domestic & foreign shares, investment funds, sponsored funds, ETSFs and ETPs

Index Year-end reading 2019 Change versus 2018




SLI Swiss Leader Index®  PR



SMIM® Price

2'769.1 31.7%


12'837.5 30.6%

SPI EXTRA® Total Return

4'640.9 30.4%


5'574.7 34.7%

SXI Bio+Medtech® Total Return

4'772.7 28.5%

SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return

140.7 3.1%

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