Tabula is the latest ETF issuer to join the Swiss Stock Exchange, proving that more than 20 years after launching its ETF segment, it still offers growth opportunities for new issuers and additional choices for investors.

The first product listed by Tabula is the US Enhanced Inflation UCITS ETF, available in a CHF-hedged share class. It aims to provide investors with exposure to both types of US inflation: to a broad portfolio of US inflation-linked bonds (TIPS), thereby capturing moves in US realised inflation, and to US inflation expectations, known broadly as US breakeven inflation (calculated as the difference between US TIPS and US real yields), in a single index and ETF.

“As one of Europe’s leading trading venues for ETFs, SIX now offers investors a choice of 1,538 ETFs, including more than 400 fixed income products. A warm welcome to Tabula as a new ETF issuer on our platform”, comments Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, Markets, SIX.

ETF trading on the Swiss Stock Exchange continues to show strong growth. With nearly 170,000 ETF trades, January 2021 is the second strongest month (after the exceptional March 2020) since the launch of the ETF segment over 20 years ago. In the first six weeks of 2021, already 265,731 ETF transactions have been executed, a 64% increase compared to the same period in 2020, while CHF 7.86 billion have been traded in ETFs (+15% year-on-year). 

Product name Ticker Symbol Trading currency ISIN

Market maker

Tabula US Enhanced Inflation
UCITS ETF (USD) – CHF Hedged Acc

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