The shares of Talenthouse AG are now listed and admitted to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Talenthouse AG is an offshoot of New Value AG, which has been listed on SIX Swiss Exchange since 2006. Starting today, the company has amended its purpose from an investment to an operating company and as a consequence switches from the Investment Company Standard to the International Reporting Standard.

Talenthouse AG shares were listed at a reference price of CHF 0.94 per share.

With an opening price of CHF 0.95 per share, the company achieved a market capitalization of around CHF 401 million.

Clare McKeeve, CEO of Talenthouse, says: “It is our great pleasure to now be listed on SIX Swiss Exchange and to bring together several creative platforms into one group, Talenthouse AG, to create a Swiss-listed market leader for the creator economy*.”

According to Jos Dijsselhof, CEO SIX: “We all respect and appreciate new, fresh and dynamic content – and this is exactly what Talenthouse brings to the market. Talenthouse runs a business which is both new and potentially exciting to the investing community and to us at SIX Swiss Exchange. I wish Talenthouse every success as a listed company with SIX, in providing open opportunities for creative talent.”

More information about Talenthouse:

*According to UNESCO, the creator economy generates USD 2,250 billion annually and employs 30 million people worldwide. This ecosystem encompasses a wide range of activities and is characterized by the creation of wealth and jobs through individual creativity. The demand here is huge, as audiences increasingly want high-quality, unique, and engaging creative content. Smartphones, streaming, and social media have revolutionized the consumption of digital photo and video content. At the same time, digital games and the metaverse have led to increased demand for augmented reality (AR) and 3D graphics content. Thanks to its skilled international community, Talenthouse is well positioned to provide its customers with this dynamic, fresh content.

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