BME today announced the launch of BME Scale, a new market aimed primarily at scale-ups. This type of company has a proven business model, in an accelerated growth phase for at least three years, with a minimum turnover of one million euros and/or an investment of at least that amount. 

BME Scale enters fully into an ecosystem in which, until now, companies were financed almost exclusively through venture capital, business angels and participatory financing platforms. Now, financial markets will also be an option for these companies, which will also automatically access the Pre-Market Environment program.

"With the launch of this market, BME seeks to support companies in all stages of their growth. BME Scale perfectly complements our offer for all types of companies that want to be listed and financed through the capital markets, together with the Pre-Market Environment initiative and BME Growth, the SME stock market, which can serve as a springboard to the main market," explains Jesús González, managing director of BME Growth and BME Scale.

Among the requirements to be part of this market are: to be a public limited company, to have a board of directors, to be accompanied by an advisor registered in the market and to publish audited annual accounts. It will not be necessary to have a liquidity provider or to meet a minimum free float.

This new market, organized as a multilateral trading system and supported by BME's trading and settlement technology, will also be open to other types of companies such as SMEs, SOCIMIs or family businesses seeking a first contact with the capital markets even if they do not meet the free float or other reporting requirements imposed by BME Growth. As soon as the companies meet these requirements, they can join BME Growth.

BME Scale is aimed at specialized investors with sufficient knowledge of capital markets and who are aware of the higher risk involved in investing in this type of companies.

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