The inclusion of the economically important canton of Zurich in Terravis is another important step on the way to a comprehensive national information portal between the economy and the authorities.

Terravis accelerates the exchange of information in the real estate sector. The portal provides a secure and user-friendly platform on which digital land registry data can be accessed and transactions processed more efficiently. Terravis is an initiative of SIX, which is doing pioneering work in this area and serving as a trailblazer for innovative solutions in the financial and technology industries.

In particular, SIX Terravis is pursuing the goal of implementing a Switzerland-wide information system for land registry data as well as electronic business transactions with land registry offices via a single interface. The credit institutions, notaries and land registry offices of 22 cantons are already using the platform. With the accession of the Canton of Zurich, queries on an additional 700,000 properties (totaling around 5.8 million) will be possible.

Walter Berli, Head of Terravis, is delighted about the Canton of Zurich joining Terravis and emphasizes the importance of this step for the digitization of Swiss land registers: "The Canton of Zurich joining Terravis is a milestone on the way to the complete digitization of the land register system in Switzerland. Terravis offers a secure and transparent platform that simplifies and accelerates the exchange of land register information.

Authorized users can now access land register data of the Canton of Zurich on owners and mortgages. We are proud that SIX, as a pioneer of digitalization, has created a platform that drives the entire industry forward and increases efficiency in the real estate sector."

Markus Zimmermann, Head of the Notary Public Inspectorate of the Canton of Zurich, is also pleased that Zurich land register data can now also be accessed via Terravis: "By joining Terravis, we can now make a wide range of data available to professional users from the business sector - in a controlled manner within the scope of what is legally intended. At the same time, we enable our staff to concentrate less on information services and more on professional tasks."

The implementation of nationwide access is carried out on behalf of the Federal Office of Justice and in close cooperation with the cantons. Data protection is a high priority in this process. Access to Terravis is only granted to those who are authorized to do so in accordance with the legal provisions and requirements of the respective canton.

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