FactEntry's comprehensive fixed income data sets, including reference data and corporate actions, will complement SIX's existing cross-asset data capabilities, enabling the company to provide an even more comprehensive and unified data offering to its customers. This expansion will further strengthen SIX's position as a global leader in financial data and analytics.

"The acquisition of FactEntry is a significant step forward in our strategic growth plans," stated Marion Leslie, Head Financial Information and member of SIX's Executive Board. "FactEntry's expertise and data offerings will greatly enhance our fixed income data capabilities and enable us to provide even greater value to our customers."

The acquisition of FactEntry also brings valuable expertise in data collection and processing, which will accelerate SIX's time to market for new products and services. This expertise adds to SIX’s ability  to provide regulation ready content and will support the enhancement of ESG, funds and index content, further expanding the company's reach across the financial industry.

"This acquisition represents a significant milestone in our plans to broaden the breadth and depth of our cross-asset content”, added Leslie.  “By combining FactEntry's expertise with our own, we are creating a truly compelling global cross-asset data provider for the front, middle, and back office."

With this acquisition, SIX continues to build its position as a provider of fixed income data and solutions, empowering financial market participants with the insights and tools they need to make informed decisions. The company's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity will continue to drive its growth in the years to come.

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SIX provides and operates stable and efficient infrastructure for the Swiss and Spanish financial centers, thus ensuring access to the capital markets and the flow of information and money between financial market players. As a global provider of financial information, SIX delivers high-quality reference, pricing, corporate actions, and ESG data and provides regulatory services and indices to clients around the world. The company is owned by its users (more than 120 banks) with a workforce of 4,160 employees and a presence in 19 countries.