The membership with the Climate Bondonds Initiative (CBI), SIX Swiss Exchange aims to promote the market for "green" investments. CBI is an international, investor-focused non-profit organization committed to an ecological and sustainable capital market. The organization promotes investments which are essential for a low-carbon and climate-friendly economy. CBI informs and stimulates markets, advises industries and governments, publishes analyses and market data and develops standards such as the Climate Bonds Standard and Certification Scheme.

Corporate responsibility is an important part of the corporate culture of SIX and is reflected in the company's sustainability principle "Enabling a sustainable future". Economic success, social responsibility and environmental awareness complement each other perfectly. The membership with CBI is a logical step for SIX Swiss Exchange and it underlines the claim to bear responsibility not only for the stability of the financial market's infrastructure, but also for people and the environment.

SIX Swiss Exchange has been a trading venue for green bonds since 2014 when the European Investment Bank (EIB) listed the first green bond on SIX Swiss Exchange. Today, the universe of listed green bonds includes also bonds from the Canton of Geneva or Helvetia Environment. In total, 13 green bonds with a nominal volume equivalent to around CHF 5.1 billion in various currencies such as CHF, EUR, USD, AUD, CNY, MXN, RUB and ZAR are currently traded on SIX Swiss Exchange.

To help strengthening sustainable investing and to facilitate investors' search for green bonds, a "green bond flag" has been introduced on the SIX Swiss Exchange website

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