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Green Bonds

SIX Swiss Exchange has been a trading venue for green bonds since 2014 when the European Investment Bank (EIB) listed the first green bond on SIX Swiss Exchange. Today, the universe of listed green bonds includes also bonds from the Canton of Geneva or Helvetia Environnement. In total, 15 green bonds with a nominal volume equivalent to around CHF 6.3 billion in various currencies such as CHF, EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, MXN and RUB are currently traded on SIX Swiss Exchange.

To help strengthening sustainable investing and to facilitate investors' search for green bonds, a "green bond flag" has been introduced on the SIX Swiss Exchange website. In order to identify the respective green bonds traded on SIX Swiss Exchange, a partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) has been entered into starting 2018.

CBI is an international, investor-focused non-profit organization with the aim to promote capital markets for sustainable projects. In addition to leading investors and banks, CBI's partners further include nations, e.g. Switzerland.

With the CBI partnership, SIX Swiss Exchange takes the next step to give green bonds a higher visibility and to support green investing.

List of all green bonds traded on SIX Swiss Exchange:

IssuerProduct NameISINIssue CurrencyNominal amountMaturity date
ABN AMRO BANK NV0.75 ABNANV 20 /EEXS1244060486EUR500'000'00009.06.2020
Apple Inc2.85 AAPL 23 /EBUS037833BU32USD1'500'000'00023.02.2023
Apple Inc3 AAPL 27 /EBUS037833CX61USD1'000'000'00018.06.2027
Kanton Basel-Stadt0 KT BS 18-25 /ZCH0394905712CHF230'885'00024.09.2025
European Investment Bank EIB2.70 EIB 23 /EAAU3CB0249787AUD750'000'00012.01.2023
European Investment Bank EIB1.625 EIB 14-25CH0233004172CHF350'000'00004.02.2025
Kanton Genf0.25 KT GE 17-27CH0387879031CHF420'000'00029.11.2027
Kanton Genf0.50 KT GE 17-31CH0387879049CHF200'000'00028.11.2031
Helvetia Environnement Groupe SA3.625 HELENV 17-22CH0370943570CHF75'000'00026.07.2022
Iberdrola International BV0.375 IBESM 25 /EEXS1490726590EUR700'000'00015.09.2025
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development7.50 IBRD 20 /E2XS0490347415MXN1'250'000'00005.03.2020
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development6.50 IBRD 19 /E4XS0809448375RUB750'000'00026.07.2019
North American Development Bank0.30 NADB 18-26CH0423233540CHF125'000'00024.07.2026
Province of Quebec2.45 Q 23 /ECCA748148BY81CAD500'000'00001.03.2023
Zürcher Kantonalbank0.25 ZKB S143 18-25CH0373476677CHF325'000'00008.05.2025

This table is updated periodically.

The information included herein does not constitute an offer or solicitation to invest. SIX Swiss Exchange assumes no liability as to the completeness or correctness of the information. Please read our disclaimer.