The Swiss Stock Exchange’s Derivatives Master Class (DMC) is based on the original program that has been successfully delivered for over 25 years to some of the world’s best-known financial institutions. Developed using direct insights from the trading floor, the content has been tried, tested, refined and applied to train thousands of investors, traders, risk managers, structured-product managers and marketers. This extensive knowledge is now available online as a Derivatives Master Class – no matter where you are in the world.

An Interactive Blended Learning Program for Professionals
The Derivative Master Class is an intensive, 10-week blended learning program and features 7 online modules which will have to be worked through systematically at your own pace. The DMC combines e-learning, coach access and review-webinars. In this Master Class, participants learn how derivatives are used in different markets and by different clients, how the risks of banks and the economy are modeled, managed and calculated.

This course is intended for market professionals who regularly deal with the futures and options markets. The courseware assumes that participants are already familiar with the fundamentals of derivatives before they start the Derivatives Master Class. In order for you to get the most out of the Master Class an online self-test will help to identify the areas that would need to be reviewed before the course is to be started. The "Coaching Hours" are in the form of bi-weekly webinars that allow students to ask questions and discuss unclear topics with the coaches or even in a group. The coaches are also available by e-mail at any time during the entire master class training.

Philippe Kayasseh, Senior Education Specialist at the Swiss Stock Exchange on the new Derivatives Master Class: "The Derivatives Master Class offers a new way of learning. It is a great combination of self-study with interactive exercises and assisted learning. The mix ensures variety and optimal learning success."

According to Lorenzo Martino, Head Education at the Swiss Stock Exchange, "This e-learning tool with its interactive exercises and experienced coaches brings a wealth of knowledge and interactivity to the learning group, which makes it really exciting."

Training Partners & Credits
With its training partner Nosco Partners AG, the Swiss Stock Exchange has a proven expert organisation in financial training and further education at its side. The two coaches, Walter Braegger, Ph.D., Partner and Vincent Couson, CFA, CAIA, Partner, bring with them over 20 years of financial market experience and, with their extensive knowledge, ensure an optimal mix of theory and practice.

This course is recognized by the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) in the certification system "Client Advisor Bank" as well as in the certification "Qualified independent wealth manager VSV" of the Association of Swiss Asset Managers (SAAM). Participants in the Derivatives Master Class receive, in addition to the certificate or course confirmation from the Swiss Stock Exchange, credit points for further training from SAQ and SAAM.

Get Your Own Insight into Our Derivatives Master Class
The individual modules are described on our Education website and you can form your own first impression of the e-learning tool. Our factsheet summarizes all of the details on the Master Class, and you can join the class at any time from the end of October 2020. Register now and benefit from our special offer of CHF 2'900 instead of CHF 3'500 (until 18 January 2021).