Listing ETPs on Crypto Currencies And Single Underlyings

A World First: Crypto ETPs

In offering ETPs, the Swiss Stock Exchange is expanding the universe of passive investment products and filling a gap in the Swiss financial market. These offer a unique combination of ETF and structured product benefits. Product providers can thus meet their customers’ needs in an even more targeted manner with innovative and custom tailored passive investment solutions.

In 2018, the Swiss Stock Exchange was the first exchange in the world to receive regulatory permission to approve crypto currencies as underlying instruments for derivatives. The listing of the world’s first  collateralized products on crypto currencies was therefore possible and was made in the form of an ETP traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

How You Will Benefit

About This Service

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are collateralized, non-interest-paying bearer debt securities, which may be sold and redeemed in the same structure and denominations on a continuous basis.

List and Trade Within 20 Days

Do you want to issue and distribute ETPs in Switzerland? The Swiss Stock Exchange supports issuers in launching innovative products and provides access to a highly capitalized international investor base.

Product issuers benefit from a simple and efficient listing procedure: Once a recognized representative submits the listing application, it will be listed within 20 exchange days.

Market Makers

Listing an ETP requires the appointment of a market maker. SIX will provide market makers capable of offering prices continuously for 90% of official trading hours (on a monthly basis) and quote prices within a maximal spread for a minimal volume.

Crypto Currency Derivatives

The Swiss Stock Exchange is the first to permit the use of crypto currencies as underlying instruments for derivatives. Since their introduction in 2018, more than 60 derivatives on crypto currencies have become available for trading on SIX.

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    The diverse and comprehensive family of passive financial products available on SIX offers a solution for all investment needs.

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The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the Crypto Products Report on a monthly basis as well as the yearly report once a year. The report provides detailed figures about the development of the crypto products as well as information on trading activity, trends and changes in this segment to investors, market participants and the interested public. All reports are available here.

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