In collaboration with Vontobel, who recognized QOD’s potential and have been using the service since early 2021, SIX Swiss Exchange has completed a case study highlighting Vontobel’s use cases. QOD, a platform for trading ETFs and ETPs introduced in December 2020, offers institutional investors the opportunity to execute orders in a bidding process directly with the most important registered liquidity providers in Europe. QOD allows settlement via a central counterparty and offers trading and post-trading with fully automated straight-through processing. Thanks to the option to interact with the existing order book, QOD provides access to additional liquidity. Trades in QOD are published immediately after execution, which further strengthens post-trade transparency.

“We want to provide our clients with best execution and, if possible, fully automate the execution. This is possible today with the QOD trading modes Auto-Execute Or Cancel as well as Auto-Execute and Optional Discretion”, says Roman Würsch, Head Trading Product Development at Vontobel. Since joining QOD, Vontobel has achieved significant price improvements over the widely used benchmark EBBO (European Best Bid and Offer). Vontobel therefore benefits not only from the automation of the entire process chain and the associated cost savings, but also from the opportunity to trade at attractive prices only available on QOD.

By leveraging QOD, best execution will become feasible and more straightforward for any financial institution active in ETF and ETP trading. In order to find out more about QOD and how it can support your business, please reach out to our experts at SIX Swiss Exchange.

You can find further information about the service on the QOD product page. The latest figures relating to the growth of the ETF segment can be found in the market report. Here, you can read all about the latest developments of crypto products traded on SIX Swiss Exchange. More information for investors can be found on our website and in our publications.