SwissAtMid, the non-displayed pool of SIX Swiss Exchange, continues to grow and its conditional Block orders have proven very successful. They allow participants to manage fragmentation and execute large blocks more efficiently, fully benefitting from interacting with the unique liquidity available in SwissAtMid.

Coming Soon: Auction Volume Discovery (AVD)

In the interview below, Tony Shaw, Executive Director London Office and Head Sales UK & Ireland at SIX Swiss Exchange, highlights the recent growth rate of trading in SwissAtMid and provides details on the source and scale of that unique liquidity.

Furthermore, Tony presents Auction Volume Discovery (AVD), the upcoming new order type aimed at trading members that are currently capping their participation in auction phases due to the fear of post trade market impact. 

The interview was filmed by The Trade during the EMEA Trading Conference 2023, where SIX Swiss Exchange was present with a booth. Details about AVD are also available in our factsheet, while practical examples are discribed in a video. The new functionality scheduled to be introduced with the SWXess Maintenance Release 11 (SMR11) on 15 May 2023 was developed in close collaboration with both the buy-side and the sell-side.

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