The move towards a more sustainable economy will require a joint effort of governments, regulators, companies, investors and – connecting them all – of stock exchanges. Well-functioning stock exchanges are the beating hearts of prospering economies, operating efficient, liquid and transparent marketplaces to enable capital raising and price formation while connecting issuers with investors and their capital. And by performing these core functions, exchanges can play an integral role in supporting the positive change.

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

SIX and the stock exchanges it operates can leverage the listing, trading, clearing, settlement and custody infrastructure to accelerate positive change.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange

In the article ESG – How Stock Exchanges Are Accentuating Positive Change, Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, outlines how SIX as a leading European FMI and the stock exchanges it operates can be a driving force. Exchanges can accelerate positive change by enhancing capital-market efficiency. At SIX Swiss Exchange, our current hypothesis is that supporting the harmonization of disclosures, which fosters transparency and enhances comparability, is one of the strongest ways in which exchanges can increase efficiency. Christian Reuss also emphasizes that while ESG is here to stay, returns need to be there too in order to reach critical scale and impact.

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