This year's class is packed with high-potential Scale-ups and SMEs drawn from a range of diverse sectors such as life sciences, greentech, fintech, logistics, industrial and ICT.

In order to maintain the exclusivity of the 6-month IPO training program, the number of places for this year's cohort has been capped at 16.

The scheme gives the participating companies an invaluable opportunity to connect and network with some of Switzerland’s leading capital markets experts, CFOs of companies listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, selected small and mid-cap investors and, of course, their peers, who are on this journey with them.

The Sparks IPO Academy is a hybrid event, meaning business leaders can balance the educational programme with their busy work schedules. The next sessions will be held virtually every 2-3 weeks, followed by an investors’ roundtable event in February, where companies can exchange and connect with selected investors in speed dating sessions. The Sparks IPO Academy will wrap up for the year with  a two-day closing event in Bern in May 2024.

A detailed program can be found here.

“SIX Swiss Exchange is committed to supporting SMEs, and this is precisely why we introduced the Sparks listing segment in the first place. The Sparks IPO Academy plays a central role in our SME initiatives by connecting some of the most promising Scale-ups and SMEs in Switzerland with the public capital market,  and by helping them develop their businesses responsibly and  increase their IPO-readiness ahead of a potential listing on Sparks,” said Fabian Gerber, Senior Relationship Manager, Primary Markets, SIX Swiss Exchange.