The shares of the Zurich-based company Xlife Sciences had previously been traded over the counter on the Munich Stock Exchange. Why the switch to SIX Swiss Exchange now? “We noticed,” says Oliver Baumann, “that demand from institutional co-investors has grown disproportionately. We wanted to further improve our transparency and visibility, and a regulated market segment is of course very, very important for us.”

Sparks gives small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to list on SIX Swiss Exchange under simplified, SME-specific requirements. This facilitates their access to the public capital markets to finance their next growth steps. Sparks is intended for companies with a market capitalization of less than CHF 500 million.

Gaining the Trust of Investors

Although the stock markets are currently facing a rather rough wind due to the current turbulence, Baumann would dare to go public again. When asked by moderator Martin Spieler why an SME should go public on the Swiss stock exchange at all, Baumann mentions regulatory reporting obligations in addition to increasing transparency and visibility.

The strong commitment to high transparency and control standards that comes with listing on a regulated and respected trading venue like SIX Swiss Exchange is crucial to gaining the trust of co-investors, he says. This is especially true for institutional investors with a long-term focus. Add to that, Baumann says, the listing increases the liquidity and tradability of the shares. This gives investors access to new and promising companies, which can be extremely interesting, especially in a time when returns are generally low.

About Xlife Science

Xlife Sciences promotes research projects in the areas of technology platforms, biotechnology and therapies, medical technology and artificial intelligence in the life sciences sector. What are the goals of CEO Oliver Baumann? Xlife Sciences wants to grow, become a global incubator or accelerator, and be able to take even more innovation out of universities and into the healthcare sector. And, Baumann says, “of course, also be an exciting stock story for our co-investors that brings a profit distribution.”

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From Going Public to Being Public

With SIX Swiss Exchange as your partner, the path from going public (IPO) to being a listed company is a clear and simple process. Before the IPO, a dedicated origination team is at your side to answer all important questions. After the IPO, we continue to work for your success. From the first day of trading, our Issuer Relations team supports you in areas such as data analysis, regulatory updates, trading metrics, events for issuers, and with continuing education offerings. In doing so, we use our broad network to actively bring companies and investors together and promote a continuous exchange. Click here for more information.