The Future of Finance Is Now

The Future of Finance Is Now

SIX has proven capabilities to deliver for our clients, ensuring continuous innovation,
maintaining stability, and providing fresh thinking.

Future Finance

Visionary Thinking

At SIX, we come together with our clients to transform the financial markets of today. The finance industry is at a critical juncture and navigating through unprecedented change. At this tipping point, financial institutions are seeking out fresh thinking and thoughtfulness to drive opportunities for growth, while also relying on stability and certainty to navigate themselves through unforeseen challenges. The Future of Finance is happening right now before our very eyes and we have the proven capabilities to deliver throughout times of change to ensure continuous innovation.

SIX is one of the top five European players in capital markets and banking infrastructure by revenue. Not only are the integral structures and broader business model of SIX strategic drivers of success, but also our shareholder structure, which allows us a deep understanding of industry needs and expectations of clients.

For more information about SIX and what drives us, have a look at our company brochure, DRIVE.


Exchange Ecosystems for the Future

When it comes to innovation, the Swiss Stock Exchange is at the forefront. The financial industry is going through a period of significant disruption – culturally and technologically. SIX is investing in the evolution and revolution of its products and services in the areas of Listing, Trading and Post-Trade. Not to mention the SIX Digital Exchange, which will constitute the financial ecosystem of tomorrow.

Financial Information

Driving Insights with Data

Financial institutions near the edge of the tipping point, seek out fresh thinking and thoughtfulness to drive opportunities for growth, while also relying on stability, clarity, and certainty to navigate through unforeseen challenges.

As the backbone of the Swiss financial industry and a global provider of financial information, SIX must not only understand the potential effects and relevance of the current developments but also the future of financial information itself. Although the future of financial information is perhaps unsurprisingly data, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The type and volume of data is set to change dramatically. Beneath the surface, a lot is changing too.

Welcome to SIX

A History of Innovation

SIX has stood for innovation and stability on the global financial markets since 2008. Our strength is founded on our history: SIX was formed from the merger of experienced financial companies – with their beginnings going back to around 1930.


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