SIX has obtained the endorsement for its major Swiss indices on 21 January 2020 under the EU Benchmarks Regulation (BMR). 39 benchmarks have been endorsed via SIX Financial Information Nordic AB in Stockholm which was previously authorized as a Benchmark Administrator under the BMR in June 2019. “With the Swiss benchmarks now listed in the ESMA register our clients can continue using them for the creation of financial products in the EU and be fully BMR compliant”, said Christian Bahr, Head Index Services. The benchmark statements are made available on the website.

The aim of the endorsement application was to ensure that all indices that serve today as underlying for financial products in the EU can be continued to be used as benchmarks under the BMR. The endorsed benchmarks include the flagship equity indices, several bond indices, and the widely used Swiss Reference Rates. Below is a detailed list:

Benchmark Family Equity Indices

  • SMI, SMIM, SLI, SPI, SXI Real Estate Broad, SXI Real Estate Funds Broad, UBS100
  • SMI Daily Short Leverage, SMI Dividend Points

Benchmark Family Fixed Income and Money Market Indices

Bond Indices:

  • SBI Foreign AAA-BBB 1-5, SBI Foreign AAA-BBB 5-10
  • SBI Domestic Government 1-3, SBI Domestic Government 3-7

Swiss Reference Rates:

  • Swiss Average Rate ON (SARON), Swiss Average Index ON (SAION)

With over 1500 indices of all market segments, asset-classes and profiles, SIX has developed a portfolio of indices for the Swiss Market that provide investors and issuers with benchmarks necessary to measure and trade the performance of key segments and strategies. Both sell-side banks and brokers, buy-side financial institutions as well as media companies and listed companies are users of the indices. The SIX index offering ranges from the famous SMI blue chip and broad market indices to strategy, ESG and individual customized indices.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Jürg Schneider.

About SIX
SIX provides and operates stable and efficient infrastructure for the Swiss and Spanish financial centers, thus ensuring access to the capital markets and the flow of information and money between financial market players. As a global provider of financial information, SIX delivers high-quality reference, pricing, corporate actions, and ESG data and provides regulatory services and indices to clients around the world. The company is owned by its users (more than 120 banks) with a workforce of 4,160 employees and a presence in 19 countries.