“Investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals have been turning to SIX for years. In 2006 we admitted the world’s first gold ETF to trading on a stock exchange and four years later in 2010 we added collateralized debt bearer securities, ETPs, on precious metals. During the past 15 years the product offering has been growing steadily to 61 products – a world leading selection. A warm welcome to Ridgex Investments plc newly offering their precious metal ETPs at SIX”, says Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange.

Demand for ETPs trading at SIX is increasing strongly. Since the beginning of the year, already CHF 3.1 bn have been traded. This is a rise of 279% compared to the whole previous year. There have been 126’468 trades in ETPs executed at SIX, which represents an increase of 330% compared to the whole previous year.

With the new Ridgex physical precious metal products, investors get access to 11 ETPs and 50 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) on precious metals available at SIX. Trading turnover in precious metal ETFs and ETPs at SIX accounts for CHF 5.0 bn. with 120’657 since beginning of the year. The number of ETP issuers rises to 11, following the recent arrival of ETC Issuance as well as CoinShares Digital Securities next to SEBA Bank and Iconic Funds BTC ETN  and VanEck ETP just last week.

Ridgex is the issuer of the Global Palladium Fund range of Exchange Traded Commodities (GPF ETCs). These products are designed to track the performance of four metals which according to the issuer Ridgex have been sustainably sourced and are vital to meet the challenges of global climate change as well as being vital for the transition to a net zero carbon economy. The underlying precious metals are held in vaults in London and Zurich. Furthermore, GPF has set out to pioneer the use of distributed ledger technology and Blockchain in the commodity markets, to allow investors increased transparency in their metals trading. The investment advisory firm NTree helps investors access the commodities markets through the promotion of the GPF ETPs


Product Name Trading Currency ISIN

Market Maker

GPF Physical Gold ETC

CHF XS2265368097 Goldenberg Hehmeyer

GPF Physical Silver ETC

CHF XS2265369574 Goldenberg Hehmeyer

GPF Physical Palladium ETC

CHF XS2265370234 Goldenberg Hehmeyer

GPF Physical Platinum ETC

CHF XS2265369731 Goldenberg Hehmeyer

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