• Trading turnover: CHF 1,208.1 billion (previous year: CHF 1,282.4 bn)
  • Number of transactions: 60,810,665 (previous year: 62,665,033)
  • Swiss blue chip index SMI® at 10,729.4 points (-16.7% versus the end of 2021)
  • 14 companies completed successful listings
  • 9 new product issuers and 6 trading participants joined

In 2022, SIX provided smoothly functioning services and successfully launched innovative offerings focused on customer needs while fourteen equity and GDRs (Global Depository Receipts) issuers, nine product issuers and six trading participants were welcomed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Jos Dijsselhof, CEO SIX, highlights: “We had a good year overall, despite the challenging environment. We have consequently developed our offering and services in line with the changing needs of our clients and the market globally. This allowed us to welcome fourteen new companies to our exchange, in the main and SME segments as well as the first listings of Chinese companies in the GDRs segment, which we launched in summer. We also introduced new trading products which boosted client demand in a transformed market environment.”

Trading: Peaks in March

Compared to the previous year, trading activity on SIX Swiss Exchange declined slightly in 2022, with a turnover of CHF 1,208.1 billion (-5.8%) and 60,810,665 transactions (-3.0%). Detailed figures per segment for Equities (including funds & ETPs), ETFs, Bonds and Structured Products are provided in the tables below.

In 2022, the security with the highest trading turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange was NESTLE N with CHF 110.8 billion (2021: NESTLE N with CHF 111.4 billion), while NOVARTIS N was the most traded security with 3,589,785 transactions (2021: ROCHE GS with 3,584,226).

The highest monthly trading turnover was registered in March 2022, with CHF 152.1 billion. The highest number of transactions in a single month was also recorded in March 2022, with 7,644,128. The highest turnover on a single trading day was recorded on 18 March 2022, with CHF 12.1 bn. The highest number of trades was recorded on 7 March 2022, with 541,922.  

With the arrival of the six new trading participants Redburn, Grammont Finance, CLSA, China International Capital Corporation, Virtu ITG Europe and Hardcastle Trading in 2022, the membership basis of the highly liquid reference market for Swiss securities was further internationalized.

Indices: Reflecting the Market Environment

At the beginning of the year, the Swiss blue chip index SMI® almost crossed the 13,000 point mark, peaking at the all-time high of 12,997.2 points on 3 January 2022. This was followed by a substantial decline to 10,010.8 points on 13 October. At the end of 2022, the SMI stood at 10,729.4 points, a decrease of 16.7% versus the end of 2021.

Listing: Funding Growth and Charting New Territory

In February 2022, SIX welcomed Xlife Sciences (XLS) as the first company in the new Sparks segment dedicated to small and medium enterprises of SIX Swiss Exchange. It was followed by the listings of Talenthouse (THAG), EPIC Suisse (EPIC), Kinarus Therapeutics (KNRS) and Accelleron (ACLN) on the main market of SIX Swiss Exchange. After the launch of the China-Switzerland Stock Connect between SIX Swiss Exchange and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges in July 2022, nine Chinese companies have successfully issued and listed GDRs (Global Depository Receipts) to raise capital outside China.

In total, fourteen companies chose to issue and list equity securities on SIX Swiss Exchange – with an aggregated transaction value of CHF 3.2 billion. In addition, already listed companies were able to raise around CHF 7 billion in equity capital, highlighting how the exchange connects companies with the Swiss financial market and enables them to find financing in challenging times.

A further CHF 114 billion were raised in the debt securities space (bonds and money market papers), out of which bonds raised an equivalent amount of CHF 110 bn in 2022, compared to CHF 93 bn in 2021 (+18.4%). In total, the bonds segment saw 393 new listings, of which 349 are CHF-denominated bonds.

The number of sustainable bonds listed and/or admitted to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange kept growing in 2022 and surpassed the 100 mark, reflecting the global ESG trend and the growing importance of sustainable finance in the Swiss capital market. In total, there are now 108 sustainable bonds tradable on SIX Swiss Exchange with an aggregated nominal volume of around CHF 28 billion.

Product Issuers Broadening the Choice for Investors

In 2022, nine new product issuers joined SIX Swiss Exchange. These include the Structured Product issuer Swissquote and the investment fund issuer Cronos Finance as well as the seven ETP issuers Invesco, Fidelity, Helveteq, Hashdex, Pando Asset, Global X and Leonteq.

Overall, the product issuers have listed 151 new ETFs, 80 new ETPs and 95,207 new structured products. As a result, the Swiss stock exchange offers investors more choice than ever before, with close to 1,700 ETFs and over 55,000 structured products available at the end of the year.

This growth shows that SIX Swiss Exchange’s commitment to transparency, efficiency and reliability as well as the various measures taken to foster growth – in close collaboration with clients – have been successful.

Geographic Expansion of CONNEXOR and Microwave Network

In February 2022, the SIX Swiss Exchange reference data distribution platform CONNEXOR has been made available to warrants issuers in Spain, improving data efficiency while continuing the integration of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) and SIX. CONNEXOR has become a standard in the Swiss market and is used in more than ten other countries worldwide.

In June 2022, SIX expanded its microwave network with a connection between Frankfurt (Equinix FR2) and Bergamo (Aruba IT3). Clients of SIX Swiss Exchange currently benefit from fair and equal access to low-latency market data transmission from Zurich to London, Frankfurt and Milan, from Frankfurt to Bergamo and Milan as well as from London to Milan and to Stockholm.

Swiss-Made. World-Class.

In 2022, SIX Swiss Exchange was once again recognised by clients, partners and the industry as a whole via various awards won across the listing and trading realm. This includes defending its titles as ‘Exchange Group of the Year’ at the FN Trading and Technology Awards and, already for the second time, as ‘Best Structured Products and Derivatives Exchange’ across Europe and the UK at the SRP Europe Awards, while being named Best European Exchange for Listing Cryptocurrency ETPs at the ETF Express European Awards 2022.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, comments on 2022: “Our infrastructure once again proved stable and reliable, allowing us to perform our core functions in the primary and secondary market: enabling capital raising and price formation for the benefit of clients and financial market as well as the real economy and wider public as a whole. Our innovations and improvements will continue to be geared towards market needs to find solutions for the challenges that lie ahead, with and for our clients.”

Detailed statistics on turnover and transaction volumes per segment, on newly listed products and on the development of the most important indices can be found in the tables below. The website of SIX provides access to an extensive information offering.

Year 2022 Trading days 2022:
Trading days 2021:


Turnover in CHF million

Change versus 2021

Equities incl. Funds + ETPs*



Bonds CHF






Bonds non-CHF


Structured products and warrants






  Number of trades Change versus 2021

Equities incl. Funds + ETPs*



Bonds CHF






Bonds non-CHF

16,623 29.5%

Structured products and warrants

531,984 -31.6%





Number of newly listed products Change versus 2021

Bonds CHF



Structured products and warrants



*Contains domestic & foreign shares, investment funds, sponsored funds, ETSFs and ETPs

Index Year-end reading 2022 Change versus 2021




SLI Swiss Leader Index®  PR



SMIM® Price

2,476.7 -28.0%


13,734.9 -16.5%

SPI EXTRA® Total Return

4,656.8 -24.0%


6,114.8 -27.3%

SXI Bio+Medtech® Total Return

4,947.0 -29.6%

SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return

122.5 -12.1%

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