The new SIX Reference Rate Crypto Indices and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices cover the major crypto assets Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), giving a comprehensive snapshot of the market and its performance. Built on a transparent rules-based methodology, the indices foster clarity and consistency by sourcing data from multiple exchanges. The indices enable precise pricing, valuation and performance tracking, which support nuanced analysis and strategic decision making within the crypto market. The SIX Reference Rate Crypto Indices provide the BTC and ETH benchmark price in USD on an hourly basis, while the BTC and ETH SIX Real-Time Indices will be published every second.

AsiaNext, founded by SIX and SBI Digital Asset Holdings, is a digital asset trading venue for institutional investors, which focuses on regulation and operates under rigorous standards of corporate governance and internal controls across all its activities. AsiaNext’s fundamental objective is to provide institutions with a secure platform to execute their market strategies and seamlessly trade digital assets with confidence.

The partnership between AsiaNext and SIX bridges the traditional financial industry and the crypto ecosystem. By providing financial institutions with the governance, processes and tools they need to proactively measure and monitor the rapidly evolving and volatile crypto market, this partnership sets another key milestone for the crypto industry in moving towards more robust methodologies, fair and transparent valuation as well as product standardization.

Dr. Christian Bahr, Head Index Services, Financial Information, SIX states: "The introduction of these BTC and ETH Indices underlines our dedication to delivering sophisticated and well-tailored solutions for very specific use-cases, such as crypto derivatives trading. I am confident that these benchmarks will serve as an indispensable tool for AsiaNext and foster the creation of an ecosystem between derivative exchanges and institutional investors".

Sudeep Chatterjee, Head of Product at AsiaNext adds: "We are pleased to partner with SIX for an industry benchmark for the crypto market that underscores our commitment to providing institutional clients with robust crypto derivatives trading including standardized performance evaluation and timely risk management to help them make more informed investment decisions and meet regulatory requirements.”

The SIX Reference Rate Crypto Indices are accessible for tracking and analysis through AsiaNext’s institutional crypto derivatives platform, as well as through the data feeds from SIX.

For further information on the new SIX Reference Rate Crypto Indices and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices, please click here.


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