The number of new ETP issuers reflects the growing interest in ETPs. In only six months, six new ETP issuers joined the Swiss stock exchange, further expanding the product range and providing investors with increasing choice to diversify their portfolios.

The trading figures speak for themselves: Since the beginning of the year, a volume of CHF 3.1 billion has already been traded. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to an increase of 279%. With today’s listing, investors can now choose between 11 ETPs and 50 ETFs on precious metals available at SIX.

“Investors looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals have been turning to SIX for years. In 2006, we admitted the world’s first gold ETF to trading on a stock exchange and four years later, in 2010, we added collateralized debt bearer securities, ETPs, on precious metals. During the past 15 years, the product offering has been growing steadily to 61 products – a world leading selection. A warm welcome to Ridgex Investments plc newly offering their precious metal ETPs at SIX”, says Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange.

Ridgex is the issuer of the Global Palladium Fund range of Exchange Traded Commodities (GPF ETCs). These products are designed to track the performance of four metals which according to the issuer Ridgex have been sustainably sourced and are vital to meet the challenges of global climate change as well as being vital for the transition to a net zero carbon economy. In order to ensure investor transparency and security, Ridgex relies on innovative blockchain technology. For more information on Ridgex, click here.

Investor Protection and Transparency

SIX operates one of the world’s most stable exchanges. The Swiss stock exchange brings together buyers and sellers from around the world on one central platform, maximizing liquidity. Trading is monitored continuously by specialists to make sure investors are treated equally and well protected. They also ensure that every trade is executed at a fair price. To guarantee maximum levels of transparency which allow investors to make the right decisions, we provide extensive trading information on our website.

The Swiss stock exchange is an ideal distribution network for companies seeking access to Switzerland's well-funded international investor base and looking to tap into new growth potential. For investors, this results in a unique securities universe that includes some of Europe's most important equities, a wide range of bonds and a broad selection of ETFs & funds, ETPs as well as structured products that cover a broad spectrum of investment needs. You can find the overview on our website.