Last week, SIX Swiss Exchange launched its new Sparks IPO Academy, an exclusive training program for executives working at Swiss-based SMEs with high growth ambitions. The program is designed to prepare and equip the leaders of these ventures ahead of a potential Sparks IPO.

The number of seats was deliberately kept low to ensure that busy executives get the best bang for their buck. This first cohort comprises thirteen companies, spanning sectors from robotics, to medtech, biotech, industrials, and fintech, and boasting several former winners and runners-up of the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award.

It is no coincidence that the Sparks IPO Academy was unveiled at the Schlieren headquarters of VentureLab, a key partner of our new Sparks Equity Segment. We and our partners fully believe that an IPO can help scale-ups grow more strongly and steadily. Being listed enables companies to focus more of their energy on building great products by simplifying capital raising, opening access to capital channels resilient to economic conditions, and increasing their credibility and trustworthiness towards clients, employees, and business partners.

The Sparks IPO Academy has been widely received as a marker for on-going changes in the Swiss capital market space aimed at enabling more companies to profit from the growth benefits that public markets can offer.

The Sparks IPO Academy is just one of the latest of several services which SIX Swiss Exchange has developed not only to help SMEs access public markets, but also for them to benefit from the full growth benefits that public markets can offer. These services include the SME Stock Exchange Sparks, which further increases the benefits of public markets for SMEs; an e-learning offering that teaches SMEs what will be required as a public company; and the research service Stage, which unlocks independent research coverage for SMEs.

Next up is a series of online modules. We look forward to (virtually) seeing Abionic, Aleva Neurotherapeutics, Flyability, Immozins, MCI Group, Securecell, Tradeplus24, and all other participating companies again in early December.

Although the first Sparks IPO Academy has only just begun, companies can already start applying for the 2022/23 program. Click here.