Equity Issuers

Equity Issuers

The New Learning Platform for Investor Relations Officers

Digital, practical and clear. The new source of information for companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. 

The way companies communicate with their stakeholders has become increasingly important in recent years. A greater need for information, the changing regulatory environment and additional transparency requirements all demand specific knowledge from IR officers in communicating with the financial markets.

The new online training offering from the Swiss Stock Exchange gives you access to a digital learning environment, where you can at any time develop, review and update your specific expertise on the various reporting obligations you have towards your investors and the public.

How the E-Learning Platform Supports You in Your IR Activities

Timeliness & Relevance

You receive access to the latest regulations, guidelines and directives.


You do the right thing and know why.

Knowledge Transfer

You stay up-to-date and improve the efficiency of your daily IR activities. 


You benefit from an interactive learning environment – whenever and wherever you want.


You ensure your team has the necessary competencies and fulfill your reporting obligations in a professional manner.

Equity Issuers

Course Overview

Target Audience The program is aimed at Investor Relations Officers of companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. However, it is also open to representatives of non-listed companies (e.g. potential IPO candidates) who wish to learn more about the requirements for maintaining a listing on the Swiss Stock Exchange.


You can complete the learning program at your own pace. After registering, you will have unlimited access. You can complete the individual modules more than once if required.


No charge




German and English

Seven Modules for a Solid Foundation

The offering contains the following seven learning modules.