Program Description

The Sparks IPO Academy has been predominantly designed for executives of Switzerland’s high-potential, fast-growing SMEs. This fast-track program prepares and equips scale-ups for a potential IPO on the Swiss stock exchange’s Sparks segment. It has been jointly developed with the leading capital market specialists in Switzerland.

Throughout the IPO Academy, full discretion will be exercised and the names of the participating companies will only be published with their consent.

Previous and current participants span sectors from robotics, to medtech, biotech, industrials, and fintech, and include several former Winners and Runners-up of the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award.


The number of participants is limited, which makes it possible to directly interact with renowned industry experts and expand your network in the Swiss capital market ecosystem. In addition, you will benefit from the following: 

Gain certainty on whether an IPO optimizes the value of your SME.

Connect with key capital market specialists to assess whether an IPO is the right next step for your SME.

Know your next steps.

Whether an IPO is on your roadmap or whether you want to give your SME the ability to rapidly execute an IPO when the time is right, we have your individual needs covered.

Understand how to optimize the success of your IPO.

Learn the secrets of maximizing the impact of your IPO – our partners have decades of experience and have played key roles in IPOs during that time.

The Swiss venture ecosystem has grown tremendously over the past decade and has enabled numerous business ideas to be tested and products/services ultimately to be commercialized. The result is that we are now gifted with more scale-ups than at any other period in time. The many household names participating in the Sparks Academy show that the growth advantages of public markets continue to be valuable for these twenty-first century scale-ups.

Dr. iur. Alex Nikitine, Partner at Walder Wyss

Some of the companies that benefit from this program:

Structure 2021/2022

The training program is structured in three phases and extends over a period of six months. The Academy is set up so that it is compatible with entrepreneurs’ busy schedules. 

Seminar Topics

Each module will be presented by renowned industry experts of the relevant subject. This maximizes your learning and optimally strengthens your network. You can find more details on what will be covered in each of module below.

Costs and Time Expenditure

Snacks, meals and after-work drinks are of course offered. But the participants must themselves cover the costs for their accommodation during the two-day event in May as well as their travel and insurance costs.

Application Requirements

The program is aimed at C-level representatives1 of fast-growing SMEs

  • which want to get ready for public capital markets with the ambition of financing further growth.
  • where an IPO on Sparks is a likely scenario in the short-/mid-term.
  • which were founded over two years ago.

1 C-level commitment is expected for the entire duration of the training program.

Application Process 2022/2023

In order to ensure the high level of exclusivity of this training program, the number of companies admitted is limited to twelve every year, while five companies are nominated each year by Venturelab out of its Top 100 Startup Ecosystem.

The participants of the seminar are selected by the end of September of every given year. Admission is based among others on the above criteria and on the receipt of applications.

The selection for the 2021/2022 program has already been completed. You are welcome to apply for the next edition in 2022/2023.

How Going Public Helps Your SME

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Program Partners 2021/2022

Impressions of the Kick-off Event

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