As of today, the choice of ETFs on the Swiss Stock Exchange, one of Europe’s leading trading venues, includes the first product on the ESG indices launched by SIX on 10 February 2021: UBS enlarges the selection of products available to investors on the Swiss Stock Exchange with the UBS ETF (CH) - SPI® ESG (CHF) A-acc.

Christian Bahr, Head Index Services in the Business Unit Financial Information of SIX, comments: “We are delighted that UBS Asset Management launched an ETF on the SPI ESG Weighted Index. With the new Swiss ESG indices we offer the choice between traditional and ESG index versions helping investors reflect ESG risks and opportunities into portfolios. The SPI ESG Weighted Index offers comparable returns, volatility and diversification as its parent benchmark SPI.”

Broad ESG Coverage of Swiss Equity and Bond Markets
The choice for future-oriented investors is expected to keep growing. Recent years have seen a marked rise in demand for investments that cover the sustainability criteria of environment, social/society and governance. Already today, the Swiss Stock Exchange facilitates investments in a wide range of sustainable products including ETFs, Green Bonds, as well as Structured Products and Indices. Find out more

SIX currently offers two SPI ESG indices for equities based on the Swiss Performance Index (SPI). For bonds there are 20 new SBI ESG indices available, all based on the Swiss Bond Index (SBI). In developing its ESG indices, SIX has drawn on data sources including the independent Swiss sustainability rating agency Inrate. Further information on the composition of the new indices is available on our website.

A Unique Marketplace
For ETF issuers, the Swiss Stock Exchange is an attractive growth market. We provide access to assets of a highly capitalized international investor base that are managed in Switzerland. With CHF 6.8 trillion under management, Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centers. Find out more

According to the ETF Market Report published quarterly by the Swiss Stock Exchange, UBS is among the most active ETF issuers and has launched the most new products on indices by SIX for the last five years. Among the 1,537 ETFs currently available to investors on the Swiss Stock Exchange, 338 are UBS products. To the ETF Market Data page