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A Unique Marketplace

For ETF issuers, the Swiss Stock Exchange is an attractive growth market. We provide access to assets of a highly capitalized international investor base that are managed in Switzerland.

Thanks to its respected regulatory standards, political stability and deep liquidity, Switzerland is one of the world’s leading financial centers with CHF 2.4 trillion in funds under management.

Listing your products on the Swiss Stock Exchange therefore gives you a way to tap into attractive growth potential – and our experts help you with every step of the admission process.

How You Will Benefit

An Active and Efficient ETF Market

The Swiss Stock Exchange brings together a broad and diversified list of around 100 banks and brokers as trading participants, both from Switzerland and abroad. Some are exclusively connected to us and issuers can tap into new customer groups through these clients by listing their ETFs with us.

By continuously improving trading conditions, we ensure efficient and safe trading of your products. Liquidity is provided by at least one of our 18 market makers. We are happy to help you find the right partner and facilitate the necessary introductions to make your choice as easy as possible.

Our fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system is one of the most efficient in Europe. To guarantee the greatest possible flexibility, other clearing or settlement organizations can also be used to process transactions.

Ralf Rühling

By listing ETFs/ETPs on the Swiss Stock Exchange, product providers gain access to a highly capitalized international investor base and benefit from our longstanding expertise in the segment of exchange traded financial instruments.

Alain Picard Head Trading Sales & Management

We Help You to Improve Your Visibility

The Swiss Stock Exchange uses a wealth of marketing activities to promote awareness and visibility of your products and your organization. We regularly publish news and market reports covering all aspects of the ETF segment on our website and make sure that your products are displayed prominently. To promote ETF knowledge we also run educational seminars and events for both private and professional investors such as ETF KnowHow, ETF Roundtable or the BörsenTalk. At the same time, we bring relevant market players together and give you the chance to become actively involved. And with our ETF Award Tags, we promote the best among our issuers and market makers, and we offer you the possibility of publishing case studies on our website.

ETF Award Tags

Since 2016, we distinguish our ETF issuers and market makers with "ETF Award Tags" covering six categories.

Pioneering European ETFs

The Swiss Stock Exchange is a European pioneer of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), having listed its first ETF in 2000. It is now home to one of the most innovative and broadest ETF markets in Europe and a leading destination for ETFs worldwide.

How to List an ETF

Product issuers on the Swiss Stock Exchange benefit from a simple and efficient listing procedure: The issuer submits the listing application to SIX Exchange Regulation in writing, together with a copy of the approval by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority for distribution of the fund.

Within 10 trading days, the application will have been processed and the ETF can start trading. 

Active ETFs

Active ETFs are listed under the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act. The Swiss Stock Exchange helps issuers to comply with a number of associated duties, including the regular calculation and transmittance of iNAV, daily submission of portfolio composition to the exchange and the relevant disclosures on the issuer’s website.

ETF Market Makers

The Swiss Stock Exchange provides issuers with access to 15 recognized market makers. These guarantee fair and transparent pricing and, as a result, increased investor protection. For every traded ETF, there is at least one active market maker.

Benchmark Solutions: Swiss Market Indices (SMI)

Over thirty years of tracking the Swiss market, Swiss Stock Exchange has built up an extensive library of resources, insight and support materials. Part of this, the Swiss Market Index (SMI), is often used as underlyings for index-based products and as benchmarks in portfolio management. More than 20,000 ETPs, ETFs, funds and derivatives are based on the SMI and more than CHF 8 billion in assets are passively linked to the index.

Multicurrency Capability

Reach more investors with additional currencies: our multi-currency capability gives you a convenient way to list your products in (at present) up to eight currencies at the same time: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD and SGD. Every product can be listed in more than one currency with the same ISIN and traded in several order books. More currencies can be added on request.

Single Underlying Asset

ETFs on gold or other precious metals – Over a broad range of single underlying asset ETFs, SIX provides a platform which offers direct participation in otherwise less accessible commodities. These products allow smaller accounts to diversify their portfolios by gaining exposure to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in a simple, yet transparent manner. Investing in gold has never been easier.

Resources and Downloads

  • ETF Factsheet

    For issuers of ETFs and ETPs, the Swiss stock exchange is an attractive growth market. SIX provides access to assets of a highly capitalized international investor base that are managed in Switzerland.

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  • ETF Listing Process

    List your ETFs easily and well guided on SIX Swiss Exchange

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Every financial instrument listed for trading on SIX Swiss Exchange needs amongst other identifiers such as an ISIN or a valor number also a so called valor symbol (an unique value). This is an alphanumeric code consisting of maximally 6 characters.

ETF Symbol requirements

ETF symbols are to consist of 4 to 5 characters. This applies to newly listed ETFs and allows a simple, clearly visible distinction of ETFs from other asset classes.

On request, ETF symbols with 6 characters are accepted, as long as they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Chosen symbol does not end on the specific (combination of) letter(s) dedicated to the Structured Products issuers (see dedicated symbol pools)
  • Chosen symbol is still free and not yet used by a different tradable instrument
  • Chosen symbol does not end on "X" (reserved for XBTR securities)
  • Chosen symbol does not start with "OX" (reserved for SLS Liquidnet securities)

Symbol allocation process

Symbols for ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange are proposed by the ETF issuer via the following steps:

  • Send an email containing the product name as well as ISIN and trading currency plus the favored symbol to requesting a new symbol. There is no predefined format of this email.
  • Once the request is received, SIX verifies the availability of the new symbol and accordingly confirms or rejects the request to the issuer.

Since 2016, SIX distinguishes its ETF issuers and market makers with "ETF Award Tags" covering six categories.

Highest number of ETFs listed
Winner 2021: UBS
Winner 2020: iShares
Winner 2019: iShares
Winner 2018: UBS
Winner 2017: iShares
Winner 2016: UBS


Most new ETFs listed
Winner 2021: UBS
Winner 2020: Lyxor
Winner 2019: UBS
Winner 2018: Amundi
Winner 2017: Lyxor und iShares
Winner 2016: UBS


ETF with highest turnover
Winner 2021: iShares
Winner 2020: ZKB
Winner 2019: iShares
Winner 2018: iShares
Winner 2017: iShares
Winner 2016: iShares


Most ETFs issued on indices by SIX
Winner 2021: UBS
Winner 2020: UBS
Winner 2019: UBS
Winner 2018: UBS
Winner 2017: UBS
Winner 2016: UBS


Market Maker in biggest number of ETFs
Winner 2021: Flow Traders
Winner 2020: Flow Traders
Winner 2019: Flow Traders
Winner 2018: Flow Traders
Winner 2017: Flow Traders
Winner 2016: Flow Traders

Market Maker in biggest number of new ETFs
Winner 2021: Optiver
Winner 2020: SocGen
Winner 2019: Optiver
Winner 2018: IMC
Winner 2017: Optiver
Winner 2016: Flow Traders


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