FuW joins us on our dual mission to enable more SMEs to enjoy the growth benefits of public markets and ensure a level playing field by offering more investment opportunities to everyone wishing to invest.

FuW, Switzerland’s leading business newspaper, has committed itself to expand its independent reporting of listed SMEs in 2022 and 2023, and then to make these insights publicly available. These freely-available articles will offer greater visibility to listed SMEs, help more investors understand the businesses and prospects of our listed SMEs, and as result make public markets even more attractive to SMEs with growth ambitions.

Articles covering Cicor, Mobilezone and Xlife already await investors. In addition to company-specific articles, FuW has also published two general articles that provide a broad, yet concise overview and outlook of listed SMEs. The first article highlighted that substantial price movements have happened right under our noses in listed Swiss SMEs, revealing substantial revenue opportunities for investors, and then goes on to make buy recommendations for 10 listed SMEs. The second article, focused on the MedTech sector, revealed that some companies have experienced cryptocurrency-like share-price gains (multiples of over 60) since they went public on SIX Swiss Exchange.

This engagement builds on FuW’s previous investments in supporting our listed SMEs: FuW’s factsheets have been a foundational pillar of our Stage Program, providing independent research coverage for listed SMEs, thereby helping professional investors to take educated investment decisions.

And there’s more: Our Consolidated Corporate Calendar provides a single window view for all listed company corporate events. Investors can now conveniently – and efficiently – browse through over 900 upcoming corporate events, request event invitations (if applicable) or contact the companies directly. And soon, subscriptions to newsletters for companies of your choice will be possible too - so that you will never miss a corporate event again!