In the TV show CEO Talk (available in German, see recording below), Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange, spoke with host Martin Spieler, business journalist and independent financial expert, about a wide range of exchange-related topics.

Stability is Key

Discussing the turbulences of the past year as well as the start and further outlook for 2023, Christian Reuss emphasized that the main focus of the Swiss stock exchange is always on its core functions: enabling companies to raise capital to finance growth – including in the new SME segment Sparks – and ensuring stable framework conditions for price discovery in trading, regardless of unpredictable fluctuations in the markets. 

This also includes measures to strengthen liquidity and order book quality, as Christian Reuss outlined. Ultimately, these increase the efficiency with which investors can manage their portfolios according to their personal expectations and adjust the asset allocation in the context of rising interest rates and other factors. To this end, SIX Swiss Exchange offers them a wide range of options with its broad selection of equities, bonds, ETFs, ETPs and structured products

The show was first aired on Tuesday, 31 January 2023 on Switzerland’s TeleZüri TV channel  (available in German)

ESG: Here to Stay

The last part of the program focuses on ESG, i.e. environmental, social and corporate governance topics. According to Christian Reuss, it is central to the success of ESG that capital flows are directed towards sustainability. In this regard, he said, the Swiss stock exchange can help foster investments in projects and companies that actively take ESG factors into account by ensuring transparency and helpint with harmonization. This includes, for example, labeling corresponding products to make them identifable for investors. Furthermore, SIX as a whole is also fully committed to sustainability.

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