SIX Swiss Exchange is happy to announce that will significantly increase its independent coverage of listed SMEs. These freely available articles will offer greater visibility to listed SMEs to prospective investors. Listed SMEs to benefit  from coverage on have included Von Roll, Groupe Minoteries, Lalique and the Medtech Sector so far. thus joins Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW) which made a similar commitment last year.

SIX Swiss Exchange has an extensive track record of supporting the visibility of its listed SMEs. To name just a few: In 2021, it launched its SME Stock Exchange Sparks aimed exclusively at SMEs. Last year it added a Consolidated Corporate Calendar to its website, providing a single, holistic view of over 900 upcoming corporate events of listed companies. And for more than five years, the Exchange has been running the Stage Program, which offers independent research coverage for listed SMEs.