Regulatory Hub

Regulatory Hub

Navigate an Increasingly Complex Regulatory Landscape Through Our Innovative Regulatory Platform

Stay Compliant and Increase Efficiency

Regulatory Hub is an innovative, evolving regulatory platform that helps financial firms lighten the growing infrastructure burden. Investor protection rules such as MiFID II and PRIIP create new responsibilities that mean, for the first time, firms must manage multilateral information flows across both the buy- and sell-side.

Regulatory Hub creates a financial community so that firms can connect with their peers for a more strategic and standardized approach to compliance, freeing them to focus on their core business. 

How You Will Benefit

Regulatory Compliance Made Easy – For Manufacturers and Distributors

The SIX Regulatory Hub enables sell-side businesses to upload data and documents for free, and benefit from a centralized distribution platform for the whole industry. Simple and easy onboarding and uploading eliminates the need for custom interfaces and processes.

With a variety of predefined rule sets, the platform allows the business to execute on multiple up-to-date regulatory standards, and to distribute compliant presales documents (PRIIP-KIDs) on demand from standardized and approved templates. This ensures full compliance with EU regulations with content that is always up to date.

Via the Regulatory Hub, distributors only need one source to access data, regulatory and pre-sales documents – from PRIIP KIDs through to marketing factsheets – from multiple product manufacturers. Everything is consistent with the latest regulatory standards and conveniently located in one place.

Capable of seamless integration into your core system, or easily accessible from a web-interface, the hub saves considerable time and cost, making it far easier to retrieve documents. Automated audit trails and 10-year archiving ensure compliance and speedier audits.

Ralf Rühling

The SIX Regulatory Hub supports manufacturers and distributors to implement a sustainable approach to compliance by offering a single interface to access regulatory documents and underlying data.

Ralf Rühling, Head of Investor Protection Propositions, SIX

About This Service

Regulatory Hub helps you cope with cost and compliance pressure while improving quality, efficiency and accessibility of data, documents and information – especially investor protection documents. Integrate multiple and disparate regulatory requirements with ease while taking a more strategic approach to compliance, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business. 

Regulatory Hub: Service Overview

Regulatory Hub by SIX is an industry platform that has been designed to connect the buy-side and sell-side with each other so data and documents can be exchanged in a standardized, automated and digital way. Learn how our platform can handle data, metadata and regulatory documents.

Discover the SIX Regulatory Hub

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Recognized by the Industry

The Regulatory Platform from SIX has won the following industry awards:

  • 2019 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards Best RegTech Solution
  • 2018 Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards (IMD/ IRD) Best Reference Data Newcomer