ESG Data Hub

ESG Data Hub

One Source for Multiple ESG Data Sets from Different Providers


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To address the increasing demand for high quality ESG data sets, SIX offers an ESG Data Hub that enables our clients (banks, asset managers, wealth managers) to source a variety of fundamental ESG and specialist data by multiple vendors from a single access point.

This information supports our clients in considering ESG aspects in investment decisions, monitoring sustainability risks of investment portfolios and reporting on ESG aspects to investors and authorities. SIX offers such data sourced from third-party providers to enhance the ESG RegRisk and other SIX data offerings.

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Your Trusted Producer of High Quality ESG Data Sets

With the high quality ESG data sets, content and services from SIX, we want to support you in considering ESG factors in investment decisions, monitoring sustainability risks of investment portfolios and reporting on ESG aspects to investors and regulators.

ESG Data Hub - Dataset Table

Explore key facts about our ESG offerings, covering everything from core data to climate metrics and sustainable bonds.

Geographical Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Most recent

Industry Coverage

All, except: ESG Fund Metrics MSCI Asset Class: Mutual Funds and ETFs and GSS+ Bonds: Bonds
Delivery Mechanism(s) VDF (VDFS Prime), SIX Flex and SIX iD (depending on the product)
Data Format Edifact and CSV (depending on the product)
Data Frequency Daily
Marcello Solida

Sustainable Finance continues to be a focus and a challenge for our clients. With the ESG Data Hub, we can help them navigate this vast landscape by acting as a single access point for high-quality data for a variety of fundamental and specialist ESG data sets.

Martina Macpherson, Head of ESG Product Managment

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About This Service

Discover the ESG Data Hub from SIX.

Climate Data

With the finance sector playing a critical role in the transition to a low-carbon economy, it is essential for financial institutions to manage the climate risks and impacts of their investment and lending portfolios, and to report transparently on approaches and outcomes.

The Climate Data from SIX supports our clients globally with their climate-related investment and risk decisions, disclosures, as well as with the monitoring of climate factors. This aggregated and normalized data is also used in investor reporting and supports compliance with the increasing number of climate related regulations.

GSS+ Bonds

The market for GSS+ Bonds (Green, Social, Sustainability/Sustainable and Sustainability-linked Bonds) has been growing steadily over the past decade with over 2 trillion USD in green debt issues. With this growth in the market for sustainable debt and sustainable financial instruments in general, there is a need for high quality, granular and transparent data.  The GSS+ Bonds data set from SIX provides best in class information to help our clients  make more diligent investment decisions and facilitate disclosures to the market and to customers.

Fundamental/Core Data

ESG risk ratings and scores as well as business and product involvement information and controversies on companies and sovereigns enhance the regulatory ESG and other ESG data sets from SIX and enable our clients to stay on top of sustainability risks and offer transparency on investment portfolios.

ESG Fund Metrics

The ESG Fund Metrics dataset aims to provide fund-level transparency to help customers better understand and measure the ESG characteristics of the total portfolio, and rank or screen funds based on a diverse set of ESG exposure categories.​ The data provides insights across three dimensions: Sustainable Impact; to measure fund exposure to companies that address core environmental & social challenges. Values Alignment; to screen funds for investments that align with ethical, religious or political values. Risk; to understand fund exposure to ESG-related risks.​

SDG/Impact Data

This dataset aims to help steer capital towards companies that provide solutions to major social and environmental challenges. This data can be used as a stand-alone set of metrics or applied to more complex impact and sustainability frameworks, including the EU Taxonomy or assessment of alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.