The Trade Surveillance Solution

Monitor and Report Market Abuses Easily

SICAM 2.0, our Integrated Service against Market Abuse, is the tool that enables the compliance with regulatory requirements related to the fulfillment of the Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR) obligation according to the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). Additionally, it provides a function to support the Internal Code of Conduct management.

As regulators' scrutiny is reaching higher levels, it is important for financial institutions to monitor and ideally prevent abuses and manipulation attempts. But it is equally important to report them and disclose the processes put in place to do so. That's where SICAM 2.0 comes at play.

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How You Will Benefit

Intuitive and User-Friendly to Serve Your Compliance Better

SICAM 2.0 deploys a highly intuitive website that facilitates the analysis and management of the alerts generated by the tool, to speed up the work of compliance teams. It has an interface specifically designed to allow clients to quickly analyze potential market abuse scenarios. It also incorporates intraday information graphs, relevant events, client statistics and historical alerts per client.

The platform is already a leader on the Spanish market. The SICAM 2.0 version offers information on more than 40 international markets and supports a wider population of global financial institutions.

State of the art technologies and user-friendliness allow us to give priority to the needs of the client without losing the objective of compliance with the regulation.

Berta Ares Lomban, Head RegTech Solutions

Market Abuse Regulation: How to Detect and Analyse Abusive Market Transactions

Review the requirements of MAR, discover approaches to compliance, and get expert guidance on how to detect and analyse potentially abusive market transactions. You will discover why SICAM 2.0 is an efficient and effective technology solution.

About This Service

With SICAM 2.0, you can easily and intuitively monitor transactions (through the orderbook, intraday charts, alerts, etc.), set up efficient compliance processes and carry out your reporting obligations. Learn more in this section.

SICAM 2.0: Service Overview

SICAM 2.0 is an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for easy monitoring and reporting of market abuses. Already a must-have in Spain, it is now available worldwide. Discover more about our service. 
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