Investor Protection Services

Investor Protection Services

Protect Investors and Your Firm with Regulatory Data from SIX


More Than Regulatory Data

Today’s regulatory complexity demands a strategic, connected approach. SIX has created a community for the whole financial industry, enabling two-directional exchange between the buy-side and sell-side, and automating regulatory data management processes.

SIX tracks regulatory developments so our clients are always ready for what comes next. Our service goes beyond just data to give our clients a competitive advantage and help them control costs.

With services from SIX, clients can protect investors while shielding themselves from today’s and tomorrow’s compliance risks. 

Your Partner for Investor Protection

It is not enough simply to have the data. Firms need to be able to use it.

SIX supports by sourcing, cleansing and processing data into standardized formats for regulatory compliance. Then, we develop tailored data packages that extract all relevant instrument information, including prices and conditions, automatically link it across multiple regulatory obligations, and deliver the data ready to use at the specific granularity needed.

This high-quality, usable data, coupled with our regulatory expertise, makes us your trusted partner for meeting the investor protection compliance challenge.

SIX Regulatory Navigator

The way that regulatory data is sourced, utilized, and exchanged will define whether the next wave of investor protection mandates burden or benefit your business. Discover how SIX can support you with your regulatory challenges with ready-to-consume data.