Compliance on Demand for the Buy-Side and Sell-Side

PRIIPs KIDs Management Made Simple

The Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) regulation aims to secure the investors’ rights by making the risks of investing transparent and comparable.

Since 1 January 2018, product manufacturers and distributors have to provide Key Information Documents (KIDs), written in plain language. This helps retail investors investing and domiciled in the European Economic Area (EEA) to easily understand and compare the risk of investments associated with different products.

SIX removes the burden of being compliant under various rules and jurisdictions with the automated generation, maintenance, distribution, archiving and reporting of KIDs for PRIIPs. This service can be extended to reflect regulatory changes and can create basic information sheets as required under the Financial Services Act and Financial Institutions Act (FinSA) and the transition from UCITS KIIDs to PRIIPs regulation.

How You Will Benefit

Generate, Distribute and Access Perfect Regulatory Documents

PRIIPs KIDs: Full compliance, on demand, made simple

Create and update PRIIPs KIDs quickly and easily without compromising on compliance using our document generation tools.

Full compliance

  • Pre-defined text from our partner law firm ensures plain-language terminology across EEA languages and jurisdictions
  • Always up-to-date and in line with the latest regulatory changes providing the current risk and performance scenarios

On demand

  • Create KIDs on demand throughout the product lifecycle
  • New versions are generated automatically in accordance with any regulatory and product updates

Made simple

  • Use preconfigured and established templates
  • Preview new documents with existing data and content
  • Sophisticated template approval process
  • Define document distribution channels

Bridge the buy-side-sell-side gap for full KID availability

Ensure advisors and retail investors can access presale documents quickly and efficiently with SIX.

  • Fully integrate pre-sale documents into banking systems, making life easy for advisors and retail investors
  • Expand your retail network by uploading your documents for free to the SIX centralized document hub
  • Eliminate custom interfaces and processes for each client. Upload documents once and manage access with a simple entitlement system
  • Keep uploads simple. Submit either PDFs or links, together with the corresponding metadata (ISIN, language, jurisdiction etc.) and additional content data

Search, download, archive and report – all with one tool

The SIX regulatory document hub is a single point of access for distributors and advisors to retrieve documents created by both SIX and other manufacturers.

  • Everything in one place: PRIIPs KIDs, UCITS KIIDs, PIBs, FIDLEG BIBs, and other documents such as marketing factsheets in one central repository
  • Save costs with a single interface: Seamless integration with your core banking system or accessible via web-interface. Quicker for advisors, more cost-efficient for you
  • Automate archiving and reporting: Each document download automatically creates an audit trail. Combined with 10-year report archiving, it ensures compliance

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About This Service

SIX helps you to create, distribute and access PRIIPs KIDs to ensure your easy, efficient and simple, complete compliance. In this section get more details about how SIX can support product manufacturers and distributors to provide Key Information Documents (KIDs).

The PRIIPS KIDs Service from SIX

Find out how SIX can help you create legally compliant KIDs for PRIIPs automatically and on demand, and offer your retail network a single point of access to retrieve documents in time for sale. 

Service Overview: Regulatory Document Generation Service

Are you a manufacturer? The centralized platform from SIX allows you to house your regulatory documents, streamlines distribution infrastructure and enables quick and easy retrieval by distributors. The ability to upload presale documents makes it easy for buy-side users to find and retrieve documents from a single source.

Fully Automated Document Generation

The service offers fully automated document generation (including scenario calculations), maintenance, distribution, archiving and reporting throughout the lifecycle of the financial instrument. Regulatory documents are generated based on submitted reference data and product-specific templates. SIX offers a range of flexible templates to cover most structured products and OTC derivatives.

Service Overview: Regulatory Document Hub

Are you a distributor? Ensure your documents are available where and when they need to be leveraging the distribution platform by SIX. Our Regulatory Document Hub provides access to documents generated by hundreds of manufacturers. The document hub stores all presales documents such as PRIIPs KIDs, German PIBs, UCITS KIIDs and other factsheets in one central location, making it easy to source up-to-date documents.

Features of the Regulatory Document Hub

  • Single point of access to all presale documentation from multiple manufacturers and a document universe list
  • Meta data included such as risk figures, cost data and other regulatory data points
  • Search functionality for regulatory documents for a specific product or to find out which languages are provided
  • Automatic storage of a copy of the retrieved document so it can be used for audit purpose

Onboarding with SIX

With SIX, manufacturers can onboard very easily and optimize their distribution channel. This tutorial shows you how in less than 2 minutes.

Recognized by the Industry

The PRIIPs KID Service from SIX has been rewarded by the industry with the following awards:

  • 2019 FTF News Technology Innovation Awards Best RegTech Solution
  • 2018 Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards (IMD/ IRD) Best Reference Data Newcomer

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