Turning MiFID II Compliance Into Competitive Advantage

Stay Compliant with High-Quality MiFID II Data

MiFID II was introduced to make financial markets safer, more transparent and more resilient. For financial firms, though, it has introduced regulatory risk and complexity.

SIX has a long history helping clients simplify compliance with complete data sets for investor protection, transparency and reference data reporting obligations.

We ensure our clients are always up-to-date by keeping constant contact with trading venues, industry associations and regulators, and bringing clients and specialists together with specific events, user interactive platforms, and more.

How You Will Benefit

MiFID II Data Sets: For Compliant Advisory Processes

Use SIX data to carry out product suitability assessments, profile investors and ensure that advisors only offer the right products for the investor.

 Key data sets include:

  • Complex / Non-Complex classification
  • Target market content on an instrument level
  • Cost breakdowns
  • PRIIP scope indicator
Marcello Solida

SIX has been working very closely with financial institutions and the whole industry to support clients with MiFID II compliance in the areas Investor Protection as well as Transparency, Transaction and Reference Data Reporting.

Ralf Rühling, Head of Investor Protection Propositions, SIX

Do You Want to Know More?

SIX is continuously monitoring the regulations space for updates and adding any relevant information to our data and services. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you might have.

About This Service

SIX has developed complete MiFID II data sets to help your organization stay compliant in regards to the Investor Protection and Transparency, Transaction and Reference Data Reporting obligations stated in the various regulatory technical standards (RTS). These data sets form a pivotal pillar of support for our customers’ regulatory compliance efforts. Learn more about our offering in this section.

MiFID II: Service Overview

MiFID II has brought huge challenges for the sell-side and the buy-side. SIX has worked with the industry to understand and provide the data content to turn this challenge into our clients’ competitive advantage. What makes MiFID II data services from SIX unique? 

MiFID II Data for Investor Protection

SIX supports clients in their compliance efforts with a data offering that addresses MiFID II investor protection requirements and challenges. The SIX MiFID II service has been designed by engaging with key industry stakeholders to refine requirements and deliver the content required. Discover the details of our service in our factsheet.

More Than 530 Data Fields Available

SIX has developed complete data sets relevant for the Investor Protection and Transparency, Transaction and Reference Data Reporting obligations stated in the various regulatory technical standards (RTS).

MiFID II Data for Transparency and Transaction Reporting

A key challenge for firms resides in establishing a coherent and consistent reference data framework that clearly defines rules for both trading obligations and transaction or trade reporting. SIX offers all the data you need for transparency and transaction reporting under MiFID II. Discover the details of our offering.

How Our Clients Are Using Our Service

Find out how you can also leverage reliable MiFID II data from SIX to your competitive advantage. Read all about it in our "Success Story" factsheet.