CSDR Data Service

CSDR Data Service

The Comprehensive Service for All Required Data to Calculate Cash Penalties and Report Settlement Fails

Your Reliable Source for All the Required CSDR Data

SIX supports clients for being compliant with CSDR-SDR with its data offering by focusing on the key areas of CSDR-SDR – cash penalties calculation and settlement fails reporting. SIX carries around 1.5 million financial instruments with CSDR data points.

Due to increasing customer requests, especially from the custodian side, SIX decided to additionally support the Internalised Settlement reporting obligations by providing a marker for “in-scope” instruments and issuer CSD data like name together with the LEI (The Internalised Settlement reporting to national competent authorities started on 12 July 2019).

How You Will Benefit

Calculate Cash Penalties and Report Settlement Fails Easily with SIX

The regulation imposes, among others, the obligation to calculate cash penalties for settlement fails and to provide settlement fails reports. To support the industry, SIX provides an extensive CSDR-SDR data set that includes the identification of instruments that are “in-scope” for the calculation of cash penalties, settlement fails reporting and internalized settlement. This set is also a reliable source for closing price information and reference data in order to fulfil the obligations to calculate cash penalities and to report settlement fails.

Therefore, it allows an efficient calculation and reconciliation of cash penalties based on the application of penalty rates on ISIN level dependent on the instrument classification, the liquidity indication and the identification of an instrument that is admitted for trading on a SME growth market.

Its integration into master files is straight forward with the use of identifiers like ISIN, FISN, CFI, LEI and MIC.

Darren Marsh

CSDs need a reliable and single source for their reference and compliant price data requirements. But accessing the granular information that is needed to be compliant under CSDR is just painstaking. That’s where SIX comes at play!

Darren Marsh, Senior Product Manager, SIX

Do you have a holistic view of your CSDR activities?

Watch our free webinar to find out more about the challenges of calculation and reconciliation of cash penalties and how to identify instruments that are "in-scope".

About This Service

With the CSDR-SDR data service, SIX proposes key data sets (including Internalised Settlement Reporting) to support clients’ compliance toward CSDR-SDR complex regulatory requirements, easily accessible through our various delivery channels (VDF, SIX Flex, flat files…).

CSDR / SDR Service Overview

We provide a comprehensive data set that helps overcoming the CSDR / SDR complexity. Discover how with our factsheet.