SIX Connect

SIX Connect

Flexible Connectivity Options: Cloud and More

Connect From Anywhere, Anytime, In Any Way

Hundreds of Cloud Regions and Data Centers

Get access to the entire suite of data services from SIX via a range of connectivity options to suit your needs. Use the internet, establish dedicated cloud connectivity or cross-connect from one of our many on-net data centers.

Using the Megaport Software Defined Networks (SDN) you can now enjoy a seamless private and secure network connection with dedicated bandwidths up to 10GB from any major public cloud provider as well as hundreds of data centers across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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How SIX Connect Can Make Your Connectivity Easy

Megaport Enabled Locations

Marcello Solida

Customers continue to explore and adopt cloud to accelerate development cycles and optimize workflows. SIX Connect offers them seamless and instant access to financial information, irrespective of their choice of cloud provider or region.

Henk D'Hoore, Global Head of Product Development, SIX

How SIX Connect Can Help You

SIX Connect enables private cloud access irrespective of cloud provider preference. This includes AWS, Google Cloud Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud, among others. In this way, you benefit from a significant extension of the client-facing market data network infrastructure without the need to re-engineer existing technology stacks.

Whether you operate from the cloud, or run on-premises applications, check if your cloud region or data centre location is already supported by SIX Connect to consider dedication connectivity to power your application.  Require more information?

Ease of Use

Access the cloud irrespective of your location and easily transport your data between global locations. Simply scale your network to the cloud regions and resources around the world. Choose your nearest enabled data centre and build your connections. 

Rapid Connectivity

Get connected within minutes through the Network as a Service (NaaS) model. Benefit from the ability to scale up anytime.

Secure Access

Benefit from a robust, reliable access and secure communication, which the elastic, right-sized capacity of NaaS.