Make Sure Your Firm is MiFID II Compliant

The scope of MiFID II has been extended to cover most asset classes for non-equity instruments (bonds, structured finance products, emission allowances and derivatives). This has a massive impact on the processes required to establish instruments' suitability and appropriateness. The package supports client advisory processes being compliant while assessing their investment universe matches their clients' profiles.

  • Wealth Management / Private Banking

  • Advisory

SIX sources target market criteria, costs & charges, “complex”/”non-complex" classifications, leveraged instrument and PRIIP scope indicators for more than seven million active instruments.

  • Comply with obligations to precisely and clearly inform clients about financial products features and potential risks.
  • Identify instruments for which a PRIIP-KID has to be provided to retail clients.
  • Support the notification obligation toward investors by identifying leveraged products.