Global Corporate Actions Data

Global Corporate Actions Data

Your Go-To Provider for Award-Winning Corporate Actions Data

Timely, Complete, and Processed Automatically

Our award-winning corporate actions data is globally sourced to support cash flow management, income distribution, and risk management.

Aggregated from all major financial markets, our corporate actions data is structured to maximize the automation of operations. This enables firms to handle the growing volume and complexity of corporate actions.

Delivered to customers worldwide in a customizable format, our data reduces operational and reputational risk, making data consumption more efficient. Corporate actions are a core strength of SIX and provide the foundation for multiple services.

How You Will Benefit

Stay Aware, Stay Ahead

The SIX data model enables complex events to be standardized, decrypted, and delivered in near-real time.

Our service helps you to plan ahead and reduce the risk of missing announcements. It notifies you in advance of events taking place in your portfolio.

In the past, customers had to combine data from SIX, fund manufacturers, and different specialist companies, in a number of hard-to-integrate formats. SIX now works with more than 50 partners to deliver aggregated corporate actions data in a wide variety of formats that can be integrated easily.

We focus on the quality, accuracy and timeliness of our corporate actions data, as well as on how clients need to adapt to changing market conditions.

Annelotte de Nanassy, Senior Product Manager, SIX

Strategies, Technologies and Services for Successful Corporate Actions Automation

Watch our latest on-demand corporate actions webinar, spanning from the processing challenges to the automation opportunities and finally, the handling of complex cases of corporate actions.

About This Service

The award-winning Corporate Actions from SIX with its comprehensive, near-real-time reference database, has got everything you need to make the right business decisions: global data coverage, high-quality data, timeliness, easy integration, flexible industry output formats, industry standards and straight-through processing.

Corporate Actions: Service Overview

The Corporate Actions Service from SIX is unique in the market and allows you to stay up to date on the latest company information, helping you to reduce your exposure to operational and reputational risks. 

Available Corporate Actions Information

In addition to dividends and other distributions, SIX sources and processes all corporate events such as name or domicile changes, mergers, spin-offs, purchases, reorganizations, bankruptcies and liquidations, class actions, capital increases and reductions, splits/reverse splits and share conversions.

Data-Driven Innovation Through Analytics

The history of corporate actions from SIX goes back more than 25 years and provides access to the same detailed corporation actions data available on each instrument as the daily corporate actions service. This can be complemented with securities pricing information going back to the early 1980s. With a focus on primary, official and trusted sources and building on a highly structured data model, SIX has been delivering proven data quality for 90 years.

Flexible Delivery Options

We also deliver corporate actions in various formats including Edifact (ISO 9735), XML, and flat files. For automated comparison of corporate actions messages and easy integration into your own or third party processing systems, we deliver corporate actions in the internationally recognized ISO 15022 format (MT 564).

Rewarded for Excellence

Over the past 12 years, the Corporate Actions Data from SIX has won numerous awards, including:

  • 12 times winner of Best Corporate Actions Data Provider at the IMD/IRD Awards from 2010 to 2021
  • Best Corporate Actions Solution Provider at the Waters Rankings Awards in 2017, 2019 and 2020
  • Best Corporate Actions Processing Solution at the FTF Awards in 2021

Data Access and Formats

The Corporate Actions Data Service is delivered through powerful displays, coded data feeds and versatile batch services. You can choose the scope and depth of information you want.

Selections can be continually adjusted to keep pace with the rising volume of corporate actions for precise and timely processing.

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