LEI Data Service

LEI Data Service

Accurate, Up-to-Date LEI Data to Enhance Operational Risk Management

Easily Integrated LEI Data

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) data helps regulators achieve financial stability, and enables companies to mitigate operational risk. However, manually handling LEI data can be time-consuming, costly, and error-prone.

Our LEI service is a pass-through solution that integrates LEI data into securities and entity master files and helps you overcome these problems. We do all the data mapping, updating, and maintenance on your behalf, so you can swiftly and accurately identify your counterparties – and continue to transact with confidence. 

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How You Will Benefit

Immediate Insight into Corporate Actions and
Changing Fund Structures

Our LEI service enables you to integrate and cross-link all data references, while streamlining data flow. We map data on legal entity identifiers to data on institutions and their related instruments to ensure you trade only with permitted counterparties. The service covers legal entities, subsidiaries and fund structures, and our data on Corporate Actions ensures events such as mergers and takeovers are accounted for. With SIX, your company remains up to date and compliant with internal risk parameters and external regulations.


Tax Suitability in the Advisory Process

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About This Service

Avoid the need for manual data mapping and better process entity level corporate actions with SIX LEI data. Our solution maps LEI to institutional and related instrument data to provide a streamlined solution for integrating LEI into securities and entity master files. Learn more in this section.

LEI Explained: What Is It All About?

What are LEIs? What role do they play in the financial markets? What challenges do they create and how can SIX help? Take a few minutes to find out with our video explainer.