The number of ATMs that offer contactless cash withdrawals increased by 26% globally in 2019, with the Covid-19 pandemic further accelerating this trend. In global terms, two technologies are relevant for contactless ATM transactions: transactions via QR code and by means of Near Field Communication (NFC). More and more ATMs are equipped with one or both of these technologies.

In Switzerland, too, the number of ATMs equipped with QR code and NFC technology is increasing visibly. In November 2020, 36% of all ATMs in the country were already equipped with QR code readers and 20% with NFC readers. Various banks have already implemented the QR code solution, making it available to end customers. In 2020, the number of transactions with QR code at ATMs increased by 269%. With regard to NFC functionality, the banks have started an implementation project at ATMs together with SIX.

Contactless cash withdrawals and deposits via QR code offer both banks and their customers a variety of benefits. SIX also enables banks to offer cash services in cashless branches using the QR code. In addition, the first banks have already implemented the innovative use case of generating the QR code via mobile banking. This allows bank customers to access cash on the go, even without carrying a wallet, as well as to send the QR code quickly and easily to third parties.

Marco Menotti, Head SIX Banking Services: “SIX is supporting the banks in this process and is taking on a coordinating role to successfully accompany the unprecedented transformation of the cash economy towards an ecosystem with an open architecture and increasingly user-centric, digitized cash services. The QR code is the next step in further digitizing the Swiss financial center, and specifically Swiss payments, under the leadership of SIX.”


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