Going Public and Being Public

From Going Public to Being Public

With the Swiss Stock Exchange at your side, the path from IPO to life as a publicly listed company is a clear and straightforward process.

Before your IPO, a dedicated origination team will support you wherever needed. Starting on the first day of trading, our issuer relations team will support you through services such as data insights, regulatory updates, trading figures and issuer events, as well as education.

We know your company is unique – which is why our service is too.

Get to Know Our Head Primary Markets!

finance.swiss has launched a new video series called “A Day in the Life” where employees of the financial centre of Switzerland talk about their fascinating day-to-day work. In the this short video, Valeria Ceccarelli talks about her daily work as Head Primary Markets at SIX Swiss Exchange and the team’s focus to enable more companies to raise capital in the public market.

The Swiss Stock Exchange: A Snapshot

Since 1850, the Swiss Stock Exchange has been rethinking how public markets work. Though a byword for stability, the Swiss Stock Exchange has never stood still. In 1996, we built the world’s first fully automated trading, clearing and settlement system for equity capital.

As one of Switzerland’s proudest institutions, we have remained open to the world. And, as Europe’s third largest exchange by free float market capitalization (as per January 2020), we have unlocked opportunities for companies of every size – from SMEs to the three of the top five capitalized European blue chip companies listed on our exchange.

With a free float market capitalization of around CHF 1.4 trillion, we lead Europe in sectors from financial services to pharma, from food products to life sciences and biotechnology.

Breakdown of the SPI per sector

Sparks, the Stock Exchange for Swiss SMEs

SIX Swiss Exchange has launched its new equity segment dedicated to Small & Medium Enterprises. Listed SMEs will benefit from having greater flexibility in optimizing their ownership structure, broadening their financing options and gaining access to a broad investor base to raise equity-capital efficiently. Investors stand to benefit from the new Sparks trading model which supports effective price formation and best-execution in equity securities.

Our Sector Focus, Your Advantage

The Swiss Stock Exchange leads in various industry sectors in Europe. The largest European free float capitalized companies in the sectors pharma, food products, industrial machinery and specialty chemicals are listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Additionally, many of the second highest capitalized companies in many other sectors including consumer goods, building materials and insurance are part of the Swiss Stock Exchange universe.

Our special industry indices are created to highlight the specific companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange that are representative of the industry. These indices currently cover Life Sciences/Medtech and Real Estate.

These indices satisfy a growing demand from institutional and retail investors that invest in companies listed on the Swiss equity market. They also increase the attractiveness of the Swiss Stock Exchange for companies in these sectors – a benchmark for investors.

Our sector-specific focus allows our clients to be part of an environment of their industry peers. This means more media coverage, enhanced public opinion and increased visibility with institutional and retail investors.

The SMI: Feel the Pulse of Switzerland’s Biggest Companies

The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is Switzerland's blue-chip stock market index and encompasses the 20 largest and most liquid companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange - a finger on the pulse of the Swiss economy.

By mirroring the stock price movements of the 20 largest and most liquid companies listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, the index offers visibility for the exchange and its performance.

For the companies in the index, the SMI is a mark of prestige: proof of their relevance to the Swiss and global economies, and to investors of every type around the world.